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Seize the Moment

Life is a succession of fleeting moments. Between these moments is change. Sometimes, this change is imperceptible, giving us the illusion of permanence. Mountains seem immutable despite being exposed to the competing forces of tectonic shift and erosion. Sequoias, yews and bristlecone pines can live thousands of years, so we presume they will always be there. Sometimes, change is quick. Blink and you missed it. Yesterday whilst running on the lake Michigan shore, I noticed a rainbow forming. I took my camera out and snapped a panoramic photo. Before I could snap a second, it was gone. Had I not looked up at that precise moment I would have missed it. The moral of the story is to enjoy this moment, you never know what might change. The corollary is that if you see a donut you like, take it before someone else does. I’m mixing it up this morning with some Dunkin’ (keeping with the running theme, I suppose J) Happy Friday!

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Of Expiration Dates, Drugs and Donuts

Friends, Expiration dates have always been somewhat ominous. Once something expires, suddenly, it’s dangerous. Expired canned food can give you botulism. Expired chicken can give you salmonella. That’s why it feels somewhat ironic that the state of Arkansas is trying to go on an execution extravaganza on account of a nearing expiration date for one of its lethal injection drugs. Drugs are already dangerous -we’ve been warned against them all our lives. Won’t letting them expire make them even more dangerous? Speaking of drugs, if yesterday was unofficial marihuana day, then today must be unofficial munchies day. Fortuitously, it’s also Friday which means there’s a dozen donuts waiting here for you. What’s more, they’re fresh, so, regardless of what’s driving your appetite, come grab one (or two) -I can assure you they’re safe.
Happy Friday!

Good Donuts for Good Friday

Friends, Why do humans have such a propensity for discontent? No matter the achievement, no matter the progress, soon enough, it’s not enough. Discontent amongst heads of state leads to war, famine, disease and untimely death. And it’s not limited to the elite. Closer to home fighting, burglary and murder seem so unnecessary and preventable. If we let it, this unfillable void could drive us all ragged. They say the average citizen in the developed world has a higher standard of living than medieval royalty, yet we demand ever bigger TVs, faster computers and more luxurious cars. This season of hope, I propose we pause and take stock of our blessings. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying we should all become hippies and settle for mediocrity -just, maybe, envy a little less. Be grateful for life, health and, of course, Holy donuts. If we all did that a little more, I think the world would be a much better place.
Happy Friday!

Attractive Donuts

Friends, What makes something or someone attractive? Symmetry, texture and contrast no doubt play a role. Social conventions, mores and tabu also factor in. Imagine. A bright sunset over the Rockies, casting long shadows and painting the clouds gold, fuchsia and orange. Beautiful. Over-the-knee boots, a short skirt and a turtleneck Casimir sweater. Hot! Me wearing them. Not so much. Whether your image of sexy is a long sleeve shirt loosely draped over a model's shoulders -with not much else on or a smooth sax solo on a Barry White ballad, I think we can all agree a fresh dozen donuts is a sight to behold. Sexy! So, to all you beauty lovers out there I say, behold the Holy Donuts -and grab one while you're at it.
Happy Friday!

Timing is Everything

Friends, So this morning when I got up (I’m off today, so I’m off to a late start), I read about a fire in Atlanta which darkened the skies, made an overpass on I-85 collapse and has created a traffic nightmare for weeks to come. As it so happens, I had driven that route less than 24 hours earlier on my way to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport Wednesday night. Imagine if my flight back would have been a day later. Timing is everything! Speaking of which, as you might of guessed, I regret to say I don’t have any donuts for you today.  Still, I hope you have a happy Friday!

The Comet Strategy for Mature Products

Friends, Looking at the expiration date on my Costco multi-vitamins it occurred to me that getting 500 at a time may not be such a good deal after all. It calls to mind the Comet powder strategy for mature products. In case you have not heard the story, legend has it that P&G was looking for ways to sell more Comet to an already saturated market when a clever product manager came-up with the idea to put eight holes on the top of the container instead of six –so more powder would come out each time it was used. Needless to say this resulted in higher sales. There’s evidence of this “sell them more than they need” approach all around us. Yesterday, while having lunch at Ostaria Marco’s I found I could only eat half of my personal pizza and two of the three colleagues with me didn’t appear to make much of a dent in their gigantic salads either. I figured I’d apply the same strategy to donuts this morning. Despite the looming spring break, I figured I would not deviate from the dozen…

Green Donuts!

Friends, Has society taken St. Patrick’s day a tad too far? What with the ubiquitous Walmart t-shirts boasting clever slogans like “I pinch back” or “Make St. Patrick’s day great again”, it’s gotten to a point where forgetting to wear green can make one feel as wanted as a frequent flyer with a Samsung galaxy note 7. Then there’s the green bowler hats, shamrocks galore, parades and let’s not forget green beer. Granted, I have yet to see any green light sets for sale, so perhaps that’s a sign we can take it further. In-fact there may be a whole segment of the market ready to be tapped with leprechaun projectors for your garage door, blarney castle-shaped green candy dispensers and gag snakes to freak-out that overly sensitive colleague. It is, after all, the American way –go big or go home, I say! I can see it now: fake red beards, green feather boas, body paint kits with clover-shaped stencils and collector’s edition vinyl records with 20 different versions of Danny Boy. We can throw…