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Donut Mix-Up (Better Late Than Never)

Dear members and constituents, I was driving into the office this morning, imagining the e-mail I would write comparing home-made bombs to donuts when it hit me: nobody has donut duty this morning. It had been nagging in the back of my mind for two weeks and exploded into my consciousness as I attempted to recall donut boy or girl's name. Farfetched similarities and contrasts would have to take a back seat as I made a U-turn on Eldorado Blvd and headed off to LaMar's. Fortunately texting and driving are still a legal combination at red lights, so I could craft the bulk of this note en-route. The circumstances why I had to become emergency donut boy are a long story, and donuts are late enough as-is, so without further delay, come and get them! Happy Friday!

Popular Names

Dear Members and Constituents, The second most popular boy’s name in London is Daniel. Not what I’d expect, but then again, not a huge surprise (must be the clouds in my eyes). The most popular name, on the other hand, was a surprise. London’s #1 boys’ name is coincidentally the most popular male name worldwide. Dare to take a guess? Here’s a clue: one in every 200 men around the globe is believed to go by some variant of the name (give or take a few vowels). Give up? It’s Mohammed (or Muhammad or Mohammad or… you get the idea). And to think that despite having three boys of my own the name never remotely crossed my mind as a candidate. I would have expected something more like Peter, Paul or Mary (these may, however, be the most popular names in the land called Honalee -- to which Mary has now departed at the age of 72). What’s the most popular name for the circular pastries we enjoy on Fridays? Do-nut ask me that question, for I donut know the answer. What I do know is Tracy Holi

Original as Daylight

Dear Members and Constituents, Why is it so hard to be original? I would argue we borrow things we’ve heard or read because it’s efficient. I’m not talking about outright plagiarism here, just thought “recycling”. It has been the path of least resistance long before mass media’s pervasive spread of homogeneous messages. It’s a natural progression. Letters are recycled into words. Words are recycled into sentences (George Carlin’s brilliant illustration comes to mind– speaking gibberish so as to say something in his “own words”). Naturally, this progresses into recycled sentences, thoughts and opinions. It’s easy, comfortable and safe. We are adept at recycling thoughts, appropriating and calling them our own. My hope is, each of us is building on this familiar foundation and adding to it (not just re-arranging the pieces). Today, as is the case most Fridays, we have a familiar sight: five dozen donuts. We also have a twist of originality. Alissa Baan (donut girl) on her debut delights

D.O.N.U.T.s are Here

Dear Members and Constituents, What is it about telecommunications and acronyms? Every chance we get we Abbreviate Confusing Random Obfuscating Names Increasing Murkiness (ACRONIM). It seems like we are Deliberately Unclear Mumbling Businessmen (DUMB). Fortunately, I am Outside Frolicking Free (OFF) today, otherwise I too would be throwing-out more than my fair share of Jive Apparently Rooted in Greek Originated Names (JARGON). In any event, I hope you have a Lovely And Beautiful Outdoor Ritual Doing Anything Youthful (LABOR DAY) Speaking of acronyms, three dozen Deliciously Outrageous Nutritious Ultimate Treats (DONUTs) have arrived, courtesy of Irina Khanin (donut girl). Stop by and enjoy one in my name. Happy Friday!