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State of the Club

Dear members and constituents, I'm here to tell you today the state of our donut club is strong. Yes we've had some challenges. We've seen membership decline slightly due to misguided New Year's resolutions. On a couple of occasions, donuts have arrived after 8 AM. We even received a threat of a bagel club being formed. Well I say bring it on. Our fiscally conservative policies meant that despite a global economic crisis, every Friday we experienced donut surplus. Our club has no debt and we've done it all without raising taxes. But let us not rest in our laurels. I'd like to challenge each of you to do something more for your club. Tell a friend about us, share a donut, spread the joy of Friday morning sugar bliss. And most importantly don't forget to grab a hot cup of coffee and enjoy a donut for yourself. They're here thanks to Carolyn Reuss (donut girl), so come and grab one (or two, or more) Happy Friday! (P.S. I’d say the lack of booing and hissi


Dear Members and Constituents, There’s something about surprises I can’t quite put my finger on. Starting very early in life (peek-a-boo) and through the end of our natural lives (startled man dies of heart attack) surprises can lead to a slew of emotions. Some are bad (say, earthquakes and aftershocks), others can be quite pleasant. The latter was the case this week when Marty Williams presented me with a children’s book about Arnie the Doughnut. I’m thinking this may well be the beginning of a Friday Donut Club’s lending library. In a nutshell, the book is about Arnie, a doughnut who is shocked to discover he was going to be eaten and who through a series of misadventures ends-up becoming Mr. Baker’s pet… Laurie Keller, the author, does a much better (and longer) job of making it sound much more interesting. Just let me know if you wish to borrow it. Speaking of surprises, I was shocked to see LaMar’s donuts are on the menu today –alright, so that’s no surprise at all, they are here

Intereting Donuts for Interesting Times

What a crazy year we’re having so far –and we’re barely two weeks into it. Haiti, Yemen, Afghanistan. Healthcare, Economy, Climate. When President Obama told congress yesterday “trust me, 2010 will not be boring”, I wonder whether the ancient Chinese curse “may you live in interesting times” was echoing in the back of his mind. You say potato, I say tomato (notice the non-Dan Quail spelling on both). You write doughnut, I write donut. Speaking of which, some Friday donut club members prefer LaMar’s, others Krispy Kreme. Well, today both sides of the aisle can have their way… thanks to Stacy Jackson (donut girl). Come on down (or up, or around) and grab yours. Happy Friday!

Of Donuts and Resolutions

Dear Members and Constituents, Happy New Year! A magic time when everything seems possible. A time for fresh beginnings, new perspectives and… resolutions. Ah yes, resolutions, those promises you make while under the influence of the wild optimism permeating the air this time of year. Those self-same utopic promises whose very sanity you question when the euphoria wears-off a few weeks later. If giving-up donuts or running a marathon is your thing this year, more power to you. If, on the other hand you’re like me and have not made any resolutions yet, then let me plant a thought or two in your head. In-fact, here’s ten… Draft Top Ten Proposed Generic New Year’s Resolutions (in no particular order) 10. Start a conversation with a co-worker you don’t usually have the chance to interact with 9. Eat lunch away from your desk at least one day per-week (preferably off-site) 8. Make one Saturday a month “tourist day” by visiting an attraction in town you’ve never been to (but many out-of-tow