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Headphones and Donuts

Friends, Ever wonder why headphones are labelled “right” and “left”? Sure, the sound coming-out of each miniature speaker is different, however, why does it matter which sound comes-in which ear? Would having my right headphone in my left ear (and vice-versa) while listening to Pink Floyd’s ‘Money’ make me feel like I have my back to the stage? Will Queen’s ‘Another One Bites the Dust’s subliminal messaging be less effective? (listen around minute 1 of the track played backwards and tell me you don’t hear it). When I listen to Joe Walsh’s ‘Life’s Been Good’ with my headphones “backwards”, will hearing “everybody say ‘oh yeah’” with my right ear instead of the intended left change my political leanings? Perhaps there’s a risk to having the same sounds in the same ear every time. Might there be a brain-saving benefit to sometimes having the vocals in old Beatles records coming-in the left ear instead of the right? Unless someone can give me a good reason to care, I plan to take less

Earth, Wind, Fire and Donuts

Friends, What a morning! Trees seem made of candy corn, chocolate cake and red licorice; a crisp breeze blows in the cloudless sky while the sun reminds us it’s good to be alive! On a perfect fall morning like today’s, it’s easy to ignore the disruptive force of Earth, Wind and Fire. No, this is not a reference to the combined Earth link, Wind stream and Broadview -whose momentum could well be characterized as being on Fire ! I’m talking about the Earth quake that devastated Mexico; the hurricane-strength Wind that destroyed parts of Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean; and, of course, the Fire s which burned through northern California and wilderness across many western states. And even though they did not all happen in September (I know, a not-so-subtle Earth, Wind and Fire reference), they all happened far from Colorado. We were spared, and should be grateful for that. We should also consider ways to help those who weren’t as lucky -perhaps over a donut (hint, there’s

Mystical Donuts!

Friends, For a society that claims to dislike math we sure do put a lot of numbers on things. We try to measure people –height (Ft.), weight (Lb.), age (Yr.) and money ($), yet we fail to put a number on the ultimate measure of a man… “where he stands at times of challenge and controversy” -Martin Luther King, Jr. We measure beer –alcohol (ABV), bitterness (IBU) and color (SRM), yet we forget that “whoever drinks beer, is quick to sleep; whoever sleeps long, does not sin; whoever does not sin, enters Heaven!” -Marin Luther. We measure music (bars) and buildings (square feet), yet we forget that “talking about music is like dancing about architecture” -Steve Martin. Some of you might even be counting how many times I’ve quoted someone named Martin (3). A problem with all this counting is that these attempts to demystify often oversimplify that which we measure. Perhaps that’s why we have yet to put a number on things like love, hope, faith, freedom, happiness and luck –the latter imm

Feeling hot, hot, hot!

Friends, Sometimes, heat can be a good thing. A hot day at the beach with a cold brew in your hand is awesome. If someone thinks you're "so hot!", that's a compliment. And, hot breakfast is a treat. Sometimes, it's not. A heat wave, especially if it's accompanied by humidity is suffocating. A hot-headed person is undesirable. And of course, no one wants to be left holding a hot potato. This morning when the temperature gauge on my vehicle read 260 degrees, I knew right away it was the latter kind of heat. Fortunately, donuts taste great at room temperature. Sorry for the delay and enjoy! Happy Friday!