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Memorial Donuts

Friends, Am I the only one who mixes-up Memorial day and Labor day? Seriously, I always seem to be referring to the wrong one. I suppose part of the mix-up is due to the fact we celebrate Labor day in Ecuador on May 1 st , which is, of course, closer to Memorial day. Lately I’ve been trying to use this fact as a memory device to help me get it right. If I can pause for a couple of seconds before opening my mouth, I can get the upcoming holiday right. During that time I think about the fact we do it backwards in the States, so if we’re in May it can’t be Labor day. In any event, I hope you have great plans for a lovely three day weekend. To help you prepare I’ve brought-in a dozen Holy Donuts. So come get some concentrated joy to help kick-off the celebration. Happy Friday!

Of Painters and Sunsets

Friends, I love sunsets. The climactic end of the day, infused with spectacular colors, steadily building to vibrant scenes that would make any expressionist painter jealous. The sun’s golden rays caress the clouds creating gradations of yellow, orange, red and purple. Multiple tonalities of gray and black are juxtaposed with the blue, aqua and green sky. I love that time of long shadows and rich contrasts. This awe-inspiring show lasts but a few minutes, then the intense colors give way to pastels which quickly bleed-out, bestowing us with a pleasant memory to warm us through the diamond studded royal blue velvet night sky left in its wake. Speaking of colors, the painters coming into the office today may not have the same luxuriant palate (we’ll find-out on Monday), but they will kick us out of the office at 3 PM. This situation has translated into some folks deciding to work from home today, so come early and come often, but come grab a donut. Happy Friday!

Lucky Donuts

Friends, Happy Friday the 13 th . I don’t consider myself a superstitious man, although I find the whole idea of mysterious supernatural powers whimsically meddling in human affairs intriguing. Is today an unlucky day? Perhaps. I’ve heard the numeral thirteen’s bad reputation comes from the number of folks present at the last supper (and we all know how that evening ended). You could also blame it on adolescent children. They officially become teenagers at 13 (making it quite the auspicious age). Also, if you consider Sunday the first day of the week, Friday is the thirteenth day in a fortnight. No wonder today has become the lynchpin of superstition. And while I don’t ascribe any weight to this notion, I can’t help but notice that as I’m crafting this note my computer has decided I need to shut down all my open windows and race the clock (on account of a forced reboot). I look up and notice the dial has another ominous number on it. Coincidence? You tell me. Of course, thir

The Joy of Donuts

Friends, If you were only allotted a certain amount of happiness over your lifetime, would you spread it evenly? Or, would you dot your chronology with pinnacles of joy jutting out of the doldrums? On one hand, the lump sum payment approach to happiness likely comes with a high tax (is there a circuit breaker that would be overloaded preventing you from fully appreciating that moment? And, how long can that concentrated dose of joy tide you over?). On the other, the peanut butter on toast approach to happiness may seem safe, however, with a steady dose of happiness and no contrasts it may be possible to forget you are happy. As with most things, balance is probably the key and, fortunately, there’s likely no pre-set spending limit on the happiness you can have. Still, there is something to be said for absence making the heart grow fonder. Case-in-point, with no pastries in the office last week, this week donuts somehow seem better. So come reacquaint your taste buds with the joy of