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Donuts: Need help with consuming an abundant supply!

HELP!!! Dear members and constituents, We have an emergency situation. We appear to have had a logistic faux-pas. I was not here when it happened but it appears Nanette Zeile and what sounded like Jen Artley on voice mail have brought in donuts. We have a TON. I am christening today "bring a friend Friday". Please help us out in any way you can with the demand side of the equation. I also want to give a big hand to Ed Stocker for doing a lot more than holding down the fort while I was out. He has revitalized the club, adding five new members and stirred some controversy around the preferred spelling of Donut. Speaking of which, the results are in, 14 respondents out of 21 surveys were tabulated and... there was a late surge of voting that pushed Donut over the top 8 – 6. At least one of the votes came from a non member, but it was accepted anyway. Our new rotation takes us through the end of 2006 and we will play it by ear but may end up needing a little more than two dozen

Its Friday, you know what that means

[Posted by Ed Stocker, JP is on vacation] Donuts in the house. Thanks Kim for today’s supply. The full schedule will be forthcoming, I believe I have included only those who have opted in for another tour of Doughnut duty. If I have included you and you do not want to participate, please let me know and I will remove you from the rotation, but really, what kind of life is it without donuts? As to the question of Doughnut or Donut, the ballots are still being tabulated. Ed

Good Morning

[Posted by Ed Stocker, JP is on vacation] To the current and future members of the donut club, First I must address the burning question; why is Ed sending this email? JP is out of the country, so I was recruited to mange the doughnut club on an interim basis and am excited to assume this position of responsibility. The rotation has once again completed, today marks the start of a newly chartered club. To that end, the tasty treats are at JP’s Desk, 31A-216 if you have forgotten the location since last Friday. New members are welcome at this time. I am casting the net wide in an attempt to increase our donut constituency. To review for potential new members, doughnut club members will be assigned a single Friday. Donut club membership requires that on your assigned Friday you will provide 2 or 3 dozen "boutique" donuts by 8 am. The 2 -3 dozen standard will be revised as needed in response to total club membership, but has remained consistent for 2 years. Once all activ