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Musings on Progress

  Friends, 3D printing and donuts may seem like an unlikely pair, but they make a great combination. 3D printing all ows for creating intricate shapes and forms, which is perfect for making unique donut designs. Imagine biting into a donut shaped like a miniature Eiffel Tower or with sprinkles that are tiny 3D-printed replicas of your favorite cartoon characters. The possibilities are endless. However, as with any technology, there are risks such as job displacement and ethical concerns. In all seriousness, the use of 3D printing opens up a new world of possibilities for the humble donut. We may even see 3D-printed donut shops in the future, where customers can customize their own donut mold and watch it being made before their eyes. But it's important to be aware and considerate of the potential risks that come with advancements in technology. Speaking of technological advancement and its risks, wanna hear something scary? I didn’t write the preceding paragraphs. This email was ge

Fire the Pickpockets

Friends, Have you ever been misled by your own eyes? Personally, it’s a source of constant amusement. When a recent headline read " SpaceX to Fire all 33 engines of the Starship ”, I understood they were laying off an oddly specific number of engineers. It seemed bizarre, yet somehow in character for Elon Musk. Reading the article I quickly realized my mistake. I’ve made a mental note that the word “fire” can mean different things depending on which of Mr. Musk’s enterprises we’re discussing. Fire multiple engines. SpaceX. Fire started by lithium batteries. Tesla. Fire employees. Twitter. Another recent inner chuckle came when I realized I’ve managed to miss a sign warning against pickpockets that’s been there forever, apparently an attempt to distract your attention while you’re being robbed —or perhaps to tarnish Cuenca’s reputation as a safe city.  Maybe they should fire all the pickpockets. How have your senses tricked you lately? Donut be shy. Happy Friday!

Nothing's Worrying Me!

Friends, I love watching rainfall. With each drop, new ripples displace their predecessors. Every puddle, the stage of simultaneous creation and entropy. Order and chaos. The mind wanders from atoms to star systems, all choreographed around concentric circles on different timescales and orders of magnitude. For a brief moment it’s all connected. Donuts on every scale. Let it rain! Happy Friday!

It's, like, unlikely!

Friends, I think we all love being useful, but hate feeling used. We want to be home and not be too homely. To always be the best yet never to be bested. Personally, I hunger to live free, but won’t eat free liver (yuck!). Donuts, on the other hand I’ll eat any day of the year, but preferably any given Friday. As we start this new year, I wish each of you an overflowing cup of cheer, an overwhelming sense of joy and an overstated burst of self-confidence. May that crazy wish come true and some chance event improve your life in unforeseen (and awesome) ways. Happy Friday! P.S. if you were curious about how my New Year’s Eve proceedings unfolded, here are some videos, including a walk through  of the effigy in the daytime, the  reading of the will , the  burning of the effigy   and a photo  of the burning effigy.  P.S.S. I'm excited to let you know I started a new job as VP of Telecom Marketing at Access Marketing Company! Donut eat this mesquite donut