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Donuts are here

Happy Friday All! Thanks to Viana, we have a couple dozen or Ray Lamar's finest sitting here at my desk, tempting me to over-indulge. I need your help today, as my will is weak and I do not wish to break any records for personal donut consumption. See you soon!

Donuts are here

Happy Friday! Thanks go to Mr. Rex Engelking for making arrangements (i.e. JP) to bring donuts in today. LaMar's it is and we have an assortment of 8 glazed, 8 topped and 8 Bizmarks. Come and get them! P.S. I will be sending out the official list later today, as soon as I get confirmation from a few folks… I have a couple of gaps in the sign-in sheet and would rather fill them with more folks than compress the list.

Are you in?

Team, It’s kind of ironic that the folks I have not received official confirmation from on continued donut club membership are my own team members :-) I was going to do the presumptive close on you (unless I hear otherwise you're in), but then thought it would make more sense to ensure no one is in due to peer pressure or habit. I need to know whether you want to continue in the donut club so I can complete the schedule and send it out. A simple yeah or nay will suffice. Thanks,