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Ode to a couple dozen donuts

Dear members and constituents, What a beautiful day, Friday. Even though the week is almost over and the thought of being away from the office for a couple of days greatly pains us all, the fact that those sweet pastries with holes in the middle are here to comfort us and bring us joy is an inspiration to me. So much sweetness and goodness packed into such a small, round package. This week, the donuts brought in by Ed have taken over my will and possessed me to write a small poem in their honor: On Fridays there are donuts Or else I would go nuts What pleasure, what joy Yet o, so discreet O goody!, o boy! These pastries so sweet… I could go on, but will spare your cultivated sensitivities the rest of this childish rhyme. Suffice it to say Donuts are here, come and get them!!! Happy Friday,

Happy Friday!!

At last, the week has come to it's full term. The air is crisp, spirits are high and donuts are here! What a great way to get the weekend going. Credit goes to Ms. Kim Carroll for a "healthy" helping of LaMar's Come and get it!

The donut train has arrived

Dear members and constituents, Donuts are here, and courtesy of Ms Tofel we have a variety of Ray Lamar's pride and joy. Come and get them before demand exceeds supply. Happy Friday! [Rich DiGeronimo responded] P * Q = Donuts [to which JP Gonzalez added] Basic macro economics… the two curves will meet somewhere.