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Happy.... Wednesday?

Dear Members and Constituents, The sun comes up from the East, there are twelve months in the year and every week, on Fridays we partake in the Donut Club. These things we hold to be true. So, you ask, how is it that on a Wednesday, on a week when no one was scheduled to bring donuts in we have donuts? I will tell you. I could not bear the thought of a week without donuts. True enough, Friday is a holiday and we can't expect people to come into the office for this… so… ALAS!, it dawned on me… why not -- for this week only-- bring donuts in on Wednesday? I know, it's a radical concept, however I took the leap of faith and purchased one dozen donuts (I figured a vast number of folks would be out, so a couple dozen would be over-kill). I hope you think of it along the same vein as football on Thursday, it does not happen all the time, but once in a while, it's a welcome surprise. Come and grab a donut, after all you're in when most folks are not… you've earned it! Happ

Donut Location Change

Dear members and constituents, Donuts are here and I have moved to 32C-415 (so don't go to my old office looking for them). Colby gets the credit and I have to run to a staff meeting, so come and enjoy a sweet pastry!! Happy Friday!

It's Friday!

[Posted by Roger Greene] Dear Esteemed Donut Enthusiasts: Sit up straight, reach your hands to the sky, interlace your fingers palms facing upward, arch your neck and back, and be sure to get a full stretch as you let out a victorious sigh for you’ve made it to yet another Friday. While the resident doh-net poh-et is out of the office, the tradition continues uninterrupted! Waste not another second, spring into action, launch to your feet and race to JP’s office where you will find two boxes of luscious Lamar’s donuts and a bag of holes! May this great experience be the first of many throughout the rest of your day and weekend! Happy Friday! -Roger

It's Friday!

Dear members and constituents The skies have created a glowing blue and gold glaze over the rugged Rockies. The air is crisp, the day is young and everything seems within reach. That is certainly the case for the two dozen delicious donuts at my desk. Reach out and grab for a cup of coffee (or other beverage of your choice) and help yourself to one (or two) of these beauties Yvonne Tofel has brought in. Happy Friday!