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2005 in donuts

Dear members and constituents, It has been a good year for the Friday Donut Club. With the exception of one non-holiday Friday (which will be remembered as Black Friday) we have had a continuous supply of Donuts every Friday. During 2005, the club made a move to "high end" donuts to provide members with high expectations reliable quality. While many members have left (mostly due to the fact they left the company and it thus becomes highly inconvenient for them to participate), our participation and membership remains healthy with new members joining the ranks in larger numbers than our churn. As you make your new year resolutions, remember that contrary to popular belief, a donut contains far fewer calories than a bagel. Kim Carroll (via Time Wise) has delivered a dozen donuts to my desk for those of us who are here this last work-day of 2005. Please come on by and enjoy a sweep pastry if you are here. Thank you all for a great year and I can only hope next year will be as go

Donuts are here

Happy Friday! I apologize for the delay in sending the notification. I was in a meeting and just got back to my desk, where I see the donuts have mysteriously materialized courtesy of Viana. Come and get 'em.

Happy Friday

Dear Members and Constituents Happy donut Friday to you all!!! After a week of withdrawal (as some of you may recall I was stuck in Louisville, KY last Friday), I may end-up overindulging on round, sweet pastries located next to me… so if you want some, my suggestion to you is the sooner you come, the more likely you are to not be disappointed. Credits for this week's supply of LaMar's goes to my man, Jim Johnson. See you at the donut desk.