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No waiting for donuts

Dear members and constituents, Did you grasp the concept of the IT customer appreciation day yesterday? I don't think I did. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for gratuitous free food. However, after I had my hamburger, my brat, some pasta salad, fruit salad, chips and three ice cream bars (not to mention my water :-), I could not help but feel it was a tad over-the-top. OK, the IT department has been busy consolidating systems and they want to have a party to let the rest of the world know. But trade-show-like vendor booths, dropping old servers from a crane and a DJ playing "good-bye" themed songs*? I will admit it was a much needed change in pace and no one was hurt that I know of, so it's all good. I will say, having stood in line twice, the lines were reminiscent of soviet-era Moscow. As you may have guessed, this discussion is a mere preamble to the donut pitch. No hype, music or tsotski (and no long lines). Just donuts, The selection is extraordinary and come

Happy Friday

Dear members and constituents, What do you call a person who is crazy about money? If you answered "greedy" or someone who is consumed by the sin of avarice, then you are not in a Friday state of mind yet. If you answered a "dough-nut", then you are ready for the Friday morning experience. Tucker Maroney is off but before this week leaving this week he delegated TimeWise to get quite a few LaMar's donuts (I have not counted but it looks like more than thirty six. So come and enjoy a happy Friday!

The Friday Donut

Dear Members and Constituents, Conceive, if you will, of a weekly newsletter. This newsletter would be very different in many ways than your average run-of-the-mill newsletter. Sure it would be aimed at a targeted audience and would have a staunch, loyal following. However the circulation would be much smaller, only thirty six issues would be available on most weeks, although sometimes circulation might go as high as 48. Ordinary paper would be inadequate for such an exclusive publication. It would resort to other organic materials and would appeal to more senses than just sight. Sure you could still find visual pleasure in its symmetric aesthetics, however smell and taste would also be catered to. Opting for a circular shape instead of the trite rectangle, our newsletter would not require the use of print to convey its sweet content to its audience and deliver a message of hope and optimism for the weekend ahead. Come to think of it, the Friday Donut Club already has such a newsletter

Donuts, anniversary, errata

Dear members and constituents, First of all, I want to apologize for a couple of (related) blatant errors from last week's donut e-mail. A 1 followed by 36 zeros is not a quintillion, it is an Undecillion (or a sextillion if you are an English speaking country outside of the US and not a member of the scientific community). Unfortunately, the associated prefix for 10^36 has not been named yet (had we been talking about two dozen we could have used "yotta-byte"), nor has a name been proposed for such a high prefix (the highest proposed names are for 10^27-Harpi and 10^30-Grouchi, although it seems unlikely these names inspired by the Marx Brothers would receive approval). Second, Monday will mark the third anniversary of the Friday Donut Club, so I thought for your enjoyment I would dig-up the e-mail that started it all. Finally, a big thank you to Mack Greene for keeping the tradition alive (and adding to it) by brining four dozen delicious donuts (don't get me starte

A exa-bite of donuts

Dear members and constituents. Picture, if you will, three dozen donuts lined-up side-by-side. If you're like me, your first reaction is likely Pavlovian in nature. But if you resist the urge to make it 35 or 34 donuts on this imaginary table (plus one or two donuts in your stomach) picture now a maple bar to the left of these thirty six perfectly delicious circular shapes. What do we have now? It may be my immersion of late in the world of billing reconciliation speaking, but I have to say it looks a lot like a number one quintillion. Obviously if you have a quintillion bytes, you have an exa-byte. There are no maple bars today, however there are 36 donuts courtesy of Carolyn Reuss. So come on down and BYTE into one of these delicious, sweet pastries we call donuts! Happy Friday!