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Showing posts from February, 2010

Red Letter Day

Dear Members and Constituents, It’s funny how life seems to throw little clues your way. Words and images jump out to you and patterns emerge out of what might otherwise appear like a random setting. Take today. What a beautiful crisp , clear day this is turning-out to be. The frost spread across the fields like whipped cream on pumpkin pie. Makes one feel like the king of the world. Do not get me wrong, I'm all for democracy, but it would be nice to be monarch for a day. Now take the words in red from the paragraph above and try to decipher the coded message... Crisp... Cream... King... Do not... give up? Krispy Kreme are here today, courtesy of Jeff King, donut boy. So come on down and grab one to make your day even brighter! Happy Friday!

Circular Ramblings

Dear members and constituents, They say that in order to host an Olympiad, a country must go deep into debt. This tidbit seems rather timely, you see, in order for a country to have borrowed, someone must have also lent. Coincidentally, this week marked the beginning of Lent (hopefully none of your Lenten resolutions involve donuts). Of course, donuts are shaped like Olympic medals. I've heard rumors the U.S. women's figure skating team has given-up donuts for Lent -could this keep them off the medal podium? Which brings our argument full circle, the shape of a donut. Speaking of donuts Chris Zajic marks his debut as donut boy today with four dozen delicious LaMar’s medals. So, come take the podium and reward yourself for your achievements. Certainly, making it through the week should count as one of them. Happy Friday!

A Donut Haiku

Dear Members and Constituents, Today's donut e-mail is my feeble attempt at Haiku (with the inspired assistance of Ed Stocker during our car pool and inspired by Google’s latest). Google business ploy Will they be an ISP? Serge and Bren laughing Wireless spectrum China exit strategy Who will call their bluff? Facebook wannabe Twtteratti up in arms This I can believe Jared Brisendine Winchells’ donuts here on time Come enjoy a treat Ok, so I'm no Basho. Happy Friday!

Sticky Donuts

Dear Members and Constituents, If I was asked to find a term that captures the spirit of this week's news headlines, it would have to be the word "stick". From Toyota's recall of cars with accelerators that stick to the floor mat, to accumulation of snow which will stick to the ground in the approaching storm in the north east, to questions as to whether the current economic recovery has enough momentum to stick. AIG executives sticking it to taxpayers by yet again receiving bonuses. Haitians stuck waiting for aid to trickle down from inefficient government processes. Iran's carrot and stick game -attempting to use their rocket launch as a stick against the west while using their less-than-credible offer to accept to stop uranium enrichment in their own soil as a carrot. Yemeni clerics advocating dynamite sticks as carry-on items… Obviously, this message would not be complete without mention of a certain sticky delicacy. The food item in question is usually round