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Donut... Maker?

Dear Members and Constituents, If you were given a multiple choice quiz which asks you to select the correct definition for "Donut Maker", would your answer be: (a) A piece of hardware used to make donuts (b) God, the maker of all things (including donuts) (c) A place on Arapahoe Rd. at Dayton where you can buy donuts (d) Clerk or attendant who works at a donut shop (e) None of the above If your answer was (c), you would be correct. Claiming to only use 100% vegetable shortening, this Greenwood Village-based shoppe appears to be trying to position their donuts as healthy. I personally don't believe that would be the most valued attribute when making the decision to purchase a donut. That said, I've always felt that since donuts have less calories than bagels (fact), they are de-facto healthy (at least healthier than bagels - no slight intended to the alternative pastry consumption going on today). For those of you who are in the Friday Donut Club for it's health b

"Bagel Breakfast" Friday

Dear members and constituents, Some of you have sent me notes of concern and alarm around Waffle Wednesdays once a month and now Bagel Breakfast this coming Friday. The notes I have received show a little apprehension around these perceived "turf invasions". While it is only natural to feel a little threatened by novelty, I think of Level 3 as being a diverse company capable of embracing multiple dietary habits. This diversity is manifesting itself in various expressions of flour-based product mass consumption. I embrace the diverse choices being presented and think it is perfectly acceptable to have Bagels and Donuts on the same day. In fact, the originators of both Waffle Wednesdays AND the Bagel Breakfast are Donut Club members. Those of you who have been with the donut club long enough may recall my now infamous statement back in 2004 "this is a donut club, if you want to bring bagels of cupcakes, start your own club". This statement was to ensure the Friday Don

Thirty six donuts are here at my desk, 36 donuts are here, take one down, pass it around...

Dear members and constituents, Fabulous Fridays! Full of freedom, fantasizing about the phenomenal fun of the following few days. Find yourself foraging for food on the foyer? Do not despair, donuts were delivered without delay. And that's all the alliteration I can stomach for today. Donuts, however are a different story. Thirty six beauties from LaMar's are sitting there awaiting consumption… and I'm sure I could stomach at least a couple. Sara Baack's debut in the club also marks the debut of the three dozen donut minimum. Sara unfortunately is not here today to witness this wonder Time Wise has delivered, however you can! Grab a cup of coffee (or other politically acceptable beverage of your choice) and come on down to 32C-415 to partake in the wonder we call Donut Fridays. On a separate note, some of you have inquired about re-chartering. As you may recall, when we started the new rotation in August we had enough members to get us through early January. I wanted to

Friday Donuts

Dear members and constituents, I am embanked and unable to be at my desk to know whether donuts are here or not. My presumption is Bill Long, being the responsible guy that he is, has already placed a couple dozen delectible donuts on my desk which are just sitting there awaiting consumption. Happy Friday! [Ed Stocker wrote at 9:02 am] I will attest to the fact that Bill has delivered today’s donut miracle. [JP wrote at 11:08 am] I made it into the office only to watch Marcio grab the last donut! Based on the club's record membership, I am officially moving the minimum quantity of donuts from 2 dozen to 3 dozen. Cheers!

RE: Donuts running late

Got a VM from Time Wise. Donuts are running late but will be here today... [Ed Stocker wrote:] JP isn’t at his desk so let me attempt to offer some service to the hungry masses. Donuts have arrived. They may have arrived late, but they are still tasty. Two dozen donuts and their associated holes. Thanks to Time Wise for the delivery. Not sure who else to thank for today’s fine spread. [JP wrote:] Credit goes to Christy Rygiewicz

Who am I?

Does this mug bear any resemblance to your mental image of me?