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Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes...

Dear members and constituents, What chasm separates longing from gratefulness; regret from acceptance; envy from generosity? Why do we sometimes think all times past were better when so much good living is yet ahead of us? I think the difference between a hollow pursuit of happiness and the simple joy of living is all in your head. Looking back on my recent pilgrimage to Ecuador, I am glad for the time spent with family and friends. I enjoyed horseback riding in the mountains and eating ceviche in a shack by the beach (even though I must admit I regretted that decision the better part of the following week). And, yes, I could try to cling to the good times I had and begrudge coming back to work, but that attitude would prevent me from enjoying the good friends and awesome work I have right here. So while a month in the land of eternal spring may have left me utterly unprepared to bear the scorching summer heat, I look forward to getting back to a fantastic remainder of the year. Spea

Donut Maker

---[Posted by Ed Stocker in JP's Absence]--- Dear Members and Constituents, With summertime well upon us many of you are likely grilling tonight. Those in the know say that 82% of all households have some form of a grill and this is the time of year most people will use it. There are multiple grill types available to allow the user to select their preferred cooking method. Do you prefer gas or charcoal? Is that propane or natural gas? Briquette or lump charcoal? Built in or portable? Direct heat or indirect? And don’t even get started thinking about smoker style grills unless you have the time to invest. There are almost as many different grills out there as there are different donuts in a variety pack. But I recently became aware of a new grill designed for tailgating that has me most excited. Its portable, runs on propane, has a standard grill, a griddle and a warming plate. Sounds pretty run of the mill. But this tailgating wonder has a deep fryer built into the middle of t

Donuts - It's About Time

---[Posted by Ed Stocker in JP's absence]--- Dear Members and Constituents, It's amazing how quickly you lose track of time when you take a few days off. I thought I was getting up at the crack of dawn to send out this message on Donut delivery, when in fact it's more like the crack of brunch. Though I am tardy, Yulia Duryea, today's donut girl, is not. She has delivered four dozen delicious treats for you today, so come by and enjoy. Ed


---[Posted by Ed Stocker in JP's absence]--- Dear Members and Constituents, Today finds me challenged with VPN Connectivity. The email I had drafted is sitting unreachable behind walls of an electronic prison. But put on a happy face and don't let that ruin your Friday. The wind has shifted and yesterday's haze from the Wyoming fire is gone. And for those of you in the office, today's donut girl, Jessica Battista, has delivered four dozen Lamar's for your enjoyment. Happy Friday, Ed