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Showing posts from April, 2006

Hot donuts are here

Dear members and constituents, Mr. Avillez waited at Winchell's for the new batch of glazed donuts to come out, so if glazed is your thing hurry on down for a melt-in-you-mouth experience! Marcio also asked me to relay that it is better to be donut boy than integration boy. No duh! Donuts are soft, malleable, sweet and provide you with no resistance. Integration activities on the other hand can be tough, you are confronted with inflexibility, can be bitter at times and resistance to change is the norm. So, even if integration is your cup of tea, bring a cup of Joe and enjoy some donuts while they are hot. Happy Friday!

Farewell Mr. Gaillard

Dear members and constituents, As you are all most likely aware, Jeff Gaillard is off to be a big shot in the London office. When I found out the news, I knew what it meant immediately: we had to put him at the top of the first rotation so we could extract a couple dozen donuts out of him one more time! As expected from a short-timer, Jeff has delegated TimeWise to bring the donuts in at this ungodly hour (the European Union is the cradle of the 35 hour work-week and I think England is trying to import that tradition from France). LaMar's it is and they're here, so come enjoy!