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Dear members and constituents, The forecast calls for snow tonight and blizzards tomorrow with accumulations of 8 inches. Which is great because that means tomorrow will be a Snow Day. You don't have to show up to work tomorrow, and if the snow is not a good enough excuse, you can tell them JP said it was OK if you do not come in. I can almost guarantee that should work. While you rejoice in the prospects of not having to come to work tomorrow, here's something else for you to chew on: Donuts! Indeed, Jay Leslie has not disappointed in this his first day as Donut Boy, sure he was a little late ( 36 minutes ), but who can blame him... after all, he had to balance three or four dozen donuts (not waffles) on his way in to the office. Happy Friday!

Happy Friday (Donuts are here)

Dear members and constituents, Hold on to your hats! Granted, most folks around here don't wear hats and, if they did, the high winds we are experiencing would have likely blown them away by now… However, if you WERE wearing a hat, it might be a good idea to hold on to it, lest it get blown away by the donut selection afforded us today courtesy of three dozen of LaMar's finest. So grab a cup of coffee and come prepared to immerse yourself in the satisfying sensation of a donut melting in your mouth. That first bite that awakens your senses and that sip of hot coffee that follows. Ah! You know you want it, so come and get it. Happy Friday!

Happy Friday!

Dear Members and Constituents, Like dust gently hanging in the air, oblivious to the vigorous motion of the persistent butler, fog sweeps over Broomfield’s landscape for a second straight morning. This peaceful setting belies the kinetic motion within the Level 3 headquarters building, motion which on Fridays receives a sugar and caffeine boost from the donuts and caffeinated drink of choice ingested by YOU! On this, the eve of Ed Stocker’s birthday, Micahel Remacle has graced us with 41 LaMar’s donuts. This means everybody has to pitch-in and ingest a little extra. Come on down and enjoy with me this Happy Friday!