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The donut ripple effect

Dear members and constituents, Can you believe it's almost Labor Day already? I can almost picture myself hiking up a trail to a hidden pristine lake in the mountains. As my backpack makes a thump on the ground my eye strays to some flat pebbles on the beach, which I immediately reach for and begin skipping. Just when I think things could not be any better I notice the ripples on the otherwise undisturbed surface of the lake. While these sets of perfectly concentric circles expand to cover an ever broader area, I am reminded of another set of perfectly concentric circles. Suddenly I am dragged back to reality and I notice Roger Green (pinch hitting for Carlos Belloso) has left a couple of boxes of LaMar's donuts on my desk. The sweet aroma of the hand-picked selection has pulled my imagination back into the confines of my office. To Level 3. To today. Which, if you think about it is not a bad place to be. Carpe diem!

Friday = Donuts

Dear members and constituents, Friday has once again sneaked-up on us and I am delighted it is here on so many levels. Temperatures are cooling down and expectations of donut consumption should be heating up. As I was playing miniature golf last night with my kids, I could not help but think during the two rounds we played of the 36 perfectly round holes, exactly half the number I of holes I would be seeing in the three dozen donuts at my desk. Mark Hermann has delivered on this expectation, so the table is set with delicious sweetness. Come and get it!

They're here!

Dear members and constituents, Mr. Bill Long had an " o, $#!^ " moment when he drove into the parking lot this morning and he realized he had not made the obligatory stop at LaMar's. I do feel slightly bad for him but please don't let that stop you from giving him grief over the timeliness of the delivery (or the fact that despite there being three dozen donuts, there are only three varieties represented). They are nonetheless here now, so come and grab one (or two, or three). Happy Friday!

Dex Is an Idiot

[Sent by Ray Wendell - JP is on vacation] Not being from around here, and since I’m up as “Donut Boy”, I thought I’d do the smart thing and put in an order yesterday with a local donut shop, and then pick them up on my way in. Old habits are hard to break, and being a Qwest alum, I thought I’d “Ask Dex” where the nearest local donut shop might be; And here’s what Dex told me: So, 20 minutes and two phone calls later(God bless Stephanie at Lamars, who must think I’m an idiot), I found the true location. And I actually found my way to work from there, so all’s well, and the donuts are here. Ray