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Happy Fri... That is WEDNESDAY!

Good morning and welcome to a Special Wednesday Edition of the Friday Donut Club. You heard it right, in order to avoid the donut withdrawal that comes from skipping a week Rich D. (donut boy) has delegated me (donut boy's assistant) to bring in a dozen Winchell's donuts (and a couple of apple fritters). So, if you're in the office today, come to my desk for a well deserved donut! Happy… Wednesday!

Donuts are in

Dear members and constituents. It's Friday, the sun is shining, there is a crisp bite to the air and Mr. Rex Engelking has just arrived with a couple of dozen LaMar's donuts. What could be better you ask? How about cuddling one of these sweet pastries in one hand and a warm cup of Joe in the other. No need to drool any more. Come and get yours! Happy Friday!

A joyous Friday to you all

Dear Members and Constituents, Sorry for the late notice, but was at the EBC since 8:30 and since donuts had not arrived at my desk by then did not get a chance to send this out sooner. This eleventh day of the eleventh month marks the beginning of a new rotation for the Friday Donut Club. It seems appropriate that all these "ones" (11/11) be complemented by a couple of dozen brand new "0" shaped pastries. In keeping with this "new" theme, Marcio, a new member has brought in a couple dozen holy pastries (get it? donuts have holes in them :-). Also, feel free to give him crap about the post-8:30 am delivery time. Enough with the cheap humor and onto serious business. Please come by and enjoy these delicious treats that make Fridays extra-special and be sure to welcome Mr. Avillez into the fold and give him know what you thought of the selection. Happy Friday!

Donuts are here

Dear members and constituents Mr. Allen is in early which means donuts are also in early. Not a bad way to start a Friday (which is another way of saying what a great way to start a Friday!). Come and help yourself. I will be sending out the invites for the new rotation later today. Happy Friday!