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A Donut-Inspired Anthem

Friends, Working late can lead to unexpected breakthroughs -some of arguable business value. For instance, yesterday afternoon a small cadre of colleagues identified a gap in our corporate culture, one we shall attempt to remedy. It appears we don't have an anthem (or perhaps a drinking song for happy hours). I took some liberties with the first draft and would be very interested in your feedback. Without further ado, here goes nothing. Like a hurricane of blowing wind There's a never-ending flowing stream Driven onward e'er to chase the dream We are here to win, we are here to win! Bridging east and west, making distance small Reach the Internet or just make a call We're the ack to ping we're the tip and ring Windstream's happy customers will sing …Admittedly, it's a work in progress. Like any good recipe it probably needs a little tinkering. The corn feels about right, but it could probably use a little less sugar. Fortunately, when it com

The Right to Friday Donuts

Dear friends, Have you been following the news in Oregon? The cast of the 80s sitcom Married with Children , the Bundys, is staging a protest. It appears Al has moved-on from No Ma'am , the iconic men's rights movement, to other equally lofty causes, including the right to bare arms. It makes one wonder how this ragtag band of sleeveless men, braving the unforgiving Oregon winter in their wife beaters, came to be so enamored by this cause. Do they have some cool tattoos they want the world to see unimpeded? Do they find starched long sleeve shirts irritating? Whatever the reason, they’ve been out there several weeks now and, in true Bundy form, have all the neighbors in a tizzy.   All kidding aside, the treats at Holy Donuts were so good last week that I decided to go for an encore this morning. Please help yourself to a donut. Happy Friday!

Turn and Face the Donuts

Friends, I’ve been thinking about changes this week. The thought evolved from an earworm planted by the news of David Bowie’s passing (turn and face the strange) and has grown to a broader contemplation. This time of year, change abounds. Take New Year’s resolutions. That obstinate desire to change. By now most of you have identified some thing or other you wish to change in the new year -and perhaps have already changed your mind about going through with it. Personally, I’ve been going through some career change. Of course, the more things change, the more they stay the same. Take the Football Rams (no, really, take them, they haven’t had a winning season since 2003). They’re going back to Los Angeles. Also, as many of you know, I’m into donuts on Friday. So, I decided this morning to go to Holy Donuts (a hole-in-the-wall shop whose slogan is “man does not live by bread alone”) and procured a dozen of these tasty treats which are sitting near my desk. Come grab one and celebrate