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April on Halloween

Dear Members and Constituents Happy Halloween! While I'm at it, I suppose I should also wish you a happy All Saints Day (tomorrow) and a happy All Souls Day (Sunday). Why is it we have three days in a row of holidays with a strong association to death? Why now? Why not April? Perhaps it's the dead leaves falling off the trees (leaves are green and growing in April). Perhaps it's the prospect of winter knocking at the door (the prospect of Summer in April is not as ominous). Whatever the reason for the tradition, there is no reason you and I should be somber this morning. Quite the opposite, it seems appropriate that April Slater, our newest member, delight us today with an assortment of five dozen donuts. Come grab an orange donut with brown sprinkles or, if you're feeling adventurous, you might grab a brown donut with orange sprinkles. Whatever you decide, come on down and let the sweet taste energize you and make you feel alive. Happy Friday!

Ode to the Attack Ad

Dear Members and Constituents, A wise man said, (or so I've read) of politics don't shout. In spite of it, I must admit the ads I'd do without. Dirt, mud, slime, muck. These ads just suck, regardless of persuasion. Mislead, attack. Can't take that back, you've said it to the nation. If you believe a dem as chief is an "Obama-nation"; Or you disdain John S. McCain as "Bush re-incarnation", I'll tell you what I think of that: I have a disposition to cast their type (despite the hype): as crafty politicians. When all is said, we've been mislead to think we have more choices. When all is done, they're mostly one despite their different voices. With all this bull we all should pull to hasten this election. Just roll the dice. No, don't think twice. Be done with the selection. I've said my peace, my mind's at ease, thank God that Friday's here. There's donut choice, thanks to Ms. Reuss. Come fill your heart with cheer! H

Donut alphabet

Dear Members and Constituents, Anyone been craving donuts every Friday? Good heavens! I just keep longing. My near-obsessive pastry quest really seems to underscore very wild Xtremes. Yearning. Zoning. Sometimes, things are more than they seem. Notice anything odd about the my opening thoughts? If you're observant, you already know the words in the preceding paragraph each begin with a consecutive letter of the alphabet. It's appealing to think things can have a deeper meaning. Sometimes, however, what you see is what you get. That's the case with today's donut selection. Five dozen Krispy Kremes (and some donut holes to boot) courtesy of Mack Greene. Enjoy. Happy Friday!

Before you jump out of your window, have a donut

Dear Members and Constituents, It seems one would have to go to a desert island to altogether avoid the stories circulating the financial news media. While I have intentionally tried to tune some of it out, I have noticed a few things. Our stock price has been sliced in half, despite being in one of the industries that should be considered the most shielded from current events. I think this is yet another case-in-point to indicate the stock market is driven more by irrational mood swings (fears at times, exuberance at others) than by efficiency. I consider myself a long-term investor, so I have vowed not to look at my next 401k statement and hope once the panic has settled, people will realize the fundamentals are strong. The government is trying to spend money in hopes it will help. Someone forwarded me an article that looks at the $700 Billion stimulus package as a "cost per homes passed" (which I think is a particularly useful way of thinking of it). If you look at it this


Dear Members and Constituents, Why does the average household change their primary residence once every 7 years? Having gone through this experience this week, I have to wonder about this milestone. And why doesn't milestone rhyme with forty-one, despite ending in the same three letters? Having turned that age this week, I have to wonder about this as well. And why would anyone move on their birthday? Having read the preceding, you all must be wondering. Fortunately, there is another milestone this week no one need wonder about. The Friday Donut Club is now officially a five dozen donut club. Stacy Jackson (who is celebrating another milestone of her own today -- her anniversary) does the honors with 60 delicious LaMar's donuts, so come and gormandize on these special treats to your heart's contentment. Happy Friday!