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Are Burritos Crazy Delicious?

Amigos, Alrighty. Ashley Button brought breakfast burritos... carefully crafted; clearly delightful! Despite donuts elevating energy; eating fresh, filling fancy gourmet goodies gives heartfelt happiness. Here, implied is I’m JP; joyfully jotting keenly kept kind letters -loving life. Missing morning Mexican nutrition, nevertheless, no one objects. On point, pass plates quickly; quell quiet rumors relieving rumblings. Such satisfying spicy treats tickle tastebuds. Undeniable urges, unless we wait, will eXacerbate eXaggerated eXpectations. Yes, y’all yearn zoning zesty zeitgeist. What was that? Whimsy. The first letter in every word of the preceding call-to-action follows a pattern; repeating each letter in the alphabet three times before moving to the next -alright, I cheated with X. Happy Friday!

Fuel for thought

Friends, If nerves are our body’s sensors, then pain is the dashboard light. This week, I finally decided to have a doctor take a look at my “check engine light” which had been on for a while. After all, in my experience (with cars, anyway) the cause can range from a gas cap to a gasket. So I take myself in and, not unexpectedly, the doctor needs some additional data to see what’s going on under the hood. Before I leave the shop I figure I might as well have them check my fluids (blood test) and head-out for some X-Rays. I find myself subconsciously smiling while they take a picture of my bones (cheese!). I then head to work and put it out of my mind. Surprisingly, I get a call back the same day with a diagnosis. Nothing major, just a little rust! (now if only they had a human version of WD-40). So I’m back this morning and, while I realize some of you may run on alternative fuels, I brought some high octane nitro (a dozen dunkin’ donuts). So come get that boost, I sense you may nee

Time for... Breakfast Burritos?

Friends, Time, that scarce and most valuable of assets. We only have so much of it to invest, sell or squander. We’re so immersed in time that it is easy to take for granted. When I hear someone say they don’t have the time to do something, the smug jerk in me wants to say “don’t you mean it’s not important enough to you?” The way I see it, we all have time to do anything –we just don’t have time to do everything. So, we make trade-offs, deciding something else is more important. Time and tradeoffs. Which leads me to this morning’s story. Given the limited reception donuts had last week I decided to mix-it-up and do the unthinkable. I would switch to breakfast burritos. A surprising trade-off, I thought. The neighborhood spot I had in mind was closed, so I settled on plan B: La Popular on 20 th and Lawrence. Of course, they were also closed (they open at 7). Right place, wrong time. I headed into the office to make some time (my inner smug jerk also has some thoughts on this idioma

SMART Resolutions

Friends, They say most New Year’s resolutions fail due to unfounded ambition. Folks either pursue too many resolutions or the resolutions themselves are unrealistic. Pundits think the cure are SMART resolutions. A clever acronym which I think should stand for Silly, Marvelous, Awkward, Random and Thoughtful. I say pick a couple of  resolutions which can be attributed to two or more of these qualifiers! This will make them worth pursuing (which should improve their odds of sticking). While my list is not final yet, I’ve got a couple in mind. Make conversation in the elevator. Stop pretending to be busy, put that phone down and don’t stare at the “captivate” screen. Instead strike an awkward conversation with a stranger and make a silly statement about a random topic. It should be marvelous! Play one board game a week with the kiddos. Silly, thoughtful and, most of all, marvelous! Do you have any SMART New Year resolutions? If not, perhaps having a donut