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Donut withdrawal (Blizzard part deux)

Dear members and constituents, Like sugar powder on a delicious donut, snow blankets my driveway faster than I can shovel it away. Never mind the snow, it's the donuts I'm concerned with. No donuts last week, no donuts this week… how long can this drought last? Christie Rygiewicz is making her debut on the donut club next week. My only word of advice to Christie: come in early next Friday so you don't get plowed by a blizzard of sugar-deprived Friday Donut Club members. May the new year bring with it fortune and success. May Level 3's stock price triple. May it snow several feet in the mountains while blue skies blanket our fair city. Over all, may every Friday find you with a donut in one hand and a hot beverage of your choice in the other. Happy New Year!

Spread the word to kith and kin: Liberty, Justice, Donuts!

Dear Members and Constituents, I need not remind you it's Friday and, of course, you know what that means. Happy thoughts of soon-to-be-realized dreamy downhill skiing (Powder snow) Preparations for appropriate remedies to the hang-over you know you will have from some of the pre-holiday celebrations (Powder remedies) A higher energy level induced by the glucose released into your system as a by-product of the donut consumption (Powder sugar) Phil King regrets not being able to be here today to see the joy in each of your faces at discovering three dozen Kripsy Kreme donuts fresh and ready to eat (as most of you probably know already, Krispy Kreme donuts are noticeably smaller than their peers from other stores, therefore an extra dozen is appropriate to account for increased unit consumption). He does, however, have a message for us all: "...enjoy, and spread the word to kith and kin: Liberty, Justice, Donuts!". As any attorney dealing in constitutional case law will tel

Donuts are not yet here...

They're Here! Happy Friday!!! _____________________________________________ Dear members and constituents, This is a test of our collective Pavlovian conditioning: Fresh Powder -- Hit the slopes Base jumping without a parachute -- A particularly bad idea April 16th -- Taxes And of course, Fridays -- Donuts There are some things we hold as certainties in life. We expect the sun to come up in the morning, darkness at night and donuts by 8 am on Fridays. Unfortunately, Time Wise had a mix-up on the pre-directional of the address for Krispy Kreme and they went to the wrong end of 120th. This means donuts will be here a little later than expected. The good news (for Jeff Allen) is that donuts are on the house. The bad news is they are not here yet. I expect them to be here in 20 minutes (say 8:45). I unfortunately have back to back meetings all morning so I may not be at my desk on time to send you a timely notification they arrived. Please feel free to swing by my desk (32C-415) as oft

It's sunny with a high of 75

Dear members and constituents, Dry roads, driving down the highway at 75 miles per hour with the top down, a warm breeze blowing through your hair. The only way you are going to experience these sensations today is if you travel to a more temperate latitude. Do not despair, there is a cheaper alternative: let your mind wander and your cares ease away as you bite into a soft donut. Let the sweetness envelop you and melt away the bitter cold that surrounds us. Himself being originally from a warmer latitude, Mr. Marcio Avillez honors us today with a fine selection of delectable Winchell's donuts. If like me, you can't let the soft sand of Caribbean beaches caress your toes as you go for a leisurely stroll, do the next best thing and walk on over to 32C-415, the place to be for donuts. Happy Friday!