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Donut Write-in Campaign

Friends, Well, we’re down to five presidential candidates across the two mainstream tickets. To be perfectly honest, none of the candidates on either side of the aisle inspire me –all due respect to any die-hard fans out there. I’ve seen enough hate, vitriol, bile, intolerance, dishonesty, fanaticism, naïveté and flat-out cookery to last a lifetime –or at least four years. For a job hyped as the most powerful person on the planet, the lack of upstanding candidates is ironic. Politics feels like the only elite competition devoid of worthy adversaries, where the finalists are not the most prepared, optimally equipped or best suited for the job. In contrast, take pro sports. Set aside the occasional scandal and sour grapes over who’s actually more deserving of a league’s MVP trophy and you notice the winner’s talent and skill are seldom in question (charisma and egos notwithstanding). So, as I ponder a name for my write-in candidate in November (Joe Harding pitched-in for the donuts t

No Donuts for You

Friends, They say timing is everything. There's good timing, like the start of March Madness falling on Saint Patrick's day. Then there's bad timing. Take the Callery Pear trees prematurely blooming in the Auraria campus.  The snow we're having is sure to prevent any fruit from growing. Also in this category, my feeble attempt to drive into work this morning. Forty five minutes into what should have been the first ten minutes of my commute I finally decided to turn around and come back home. So, to paraphrase Seinfeld’s “Soup Nazi”, no donuts for you! Enjoy your Friday anyway! 

Donut Savoring Time

Friends, It’s that magical time of year. Sleeves are shorter, skin is showing; fields turn greener, leaves are growing. Life is bustling, flowers budding and baby bunnies bouncing. Crisp mornings give way to warm afternoons and late sunsets. This Sunday, sunsets get pushed-out even further, courtesy of daylight saving time. That antiquated power conserving measure which grants you an extra hour of sleep… wait, that’s the fall version. Still, days feel longer. In the spirit of piling-on, Holy donuts are here to help make your morning more magical. So listen to Clara Rockmore play the theramin and let your mind wander while you take that first bite into your chosen donut. Then, boosted by the mystic power of sugar go forth and be productive. Happy Friday!

Leap for Donuts!

Friends, Ever wonder how Leap Year got its name? Me too. Admittedly, I had several hypotheses (why look-it-up when you can speculate, right?). I thought you might leap for joy at having an extra day --then again, unlike daylight saving time in the fall, the extra time does not add to the weekend. Perhaps it was an acronym -something to the effect of Limit Earth's Annual Phase-shifting (or something more clever). This week, to celebrate leap day, I finally broke-down and did some research (when all else fails, ask for directions, right?). So, it appears that every year, any given date advances one day of the week (for instance, in 2014 Christmas fell on a Thursday, last year on a Friday but this year it leaps over Saturday and Christmas will fall on a Sunday). Makes sense, right? Now, the ancient Romans did it with a twist. Instead of February 29th, they had a reprise of February 24th --talk about déjà vu. I can't decide whether it's cooler to claim you're one fourt