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2005 in donuts

Dear members and constituents, It has been a good year for the Friday Donut Club. With the exception of one non-holiday Friday (which will be remembered as Black Friday) we have had a continuous supply of Donuts every Friday. During 2005, the club made a move to "high end" donuts to provide members with high expectations reliable quality. While many members have left (mostly due to the fact they left the company and it thus becomes highly inconvenient for them to participate), our participation and membership remains healthy with new members joining the ranks in larger numbers than our churn. As you make your new year resolutions, remember that contrary to popular belief, a donut contains far fewer calories than a bagel. Kim Carroll (via Time Wise) has delivered a dozen donuts to my desk for those of us who are here this last work-day of 2005. Please come on by and enjoy a sweep pastry if you are here. Thank you all for a great year and I can only hope next year will be as go

Donuts are here

Happy Friday! I apologize for the delay in sending the notification. I was in a meeting and just got back to my desk, where I see the donuts have mysteriously materialized courtesy of Viana. Come and get 'em.

Happy Friday

Dear Members and Constituents Happy donut Friday to you all!!! After a week of withdrawal (as some of you may recall I was stuck in Louisville, KY last Friday), I may end-up overindulging on round, sweet pastries located next to me… so if you want some, my suggestion to you is the sooner you come, the more likely you are to not be disappointed. Credits for this week's supply of LaMar's goes to my man, Jim Johnson. See you at the donut desk.

Happy Fri... That is WEDNESDAY!

Good morning and welcome to a Special Wednesday Edition of the Friday Donut Club. You heard it right, in order to avoid the donut withdrawal that comes from skipping a week Rich D. (donut boy) has delegated me (donut boy's assistant) to bring in a dozen Winchell's donuts (and a couple of apple fritters). So, if you're in the office today, come to my desk for a well deserved donut! Happy… Wednesday!

Donuts are in

Dear members and constituents. It's Friday, the sun is shining, there is a crisp bite to the air and Mr. Rex Engelking has just arrived with a couple of dozen LaMar's donuts. What could be better you ask? How about cuddling one of these sweet pastries in one hand and a warm cup of Joe in the other. No need to drool any more. Come and get yours! Happy Friday!

A joyous Friday to you all

Dear Members and Constituents, Sorry for the late notice, but was at the EBC since 8:30 and since donuts had not arrived at my desk by then did not get a chance to send this out sooner. This eleventh day of the eleventh month marks the beginning of a new rotation for the Friday Donut Club. It seems appropriate that all these "ones" (11/11) be complemented by a couple of dozen brand new "0" shaped pastries. In keeping with this "new" theme, Marcio, a new member has brought in a couple dozen holy pastries (get it? donuts have holes in them :-). Also, feel free to give him crap about the post-8:30 am delivery time. Enough with the cheap humor and onto serious business. Please come by and enjoy these delicious treats that make Fridays extra-special and be sure to welcome Mr. Avillez into the fold and give him know what you thought of the selection. Happy Friday!

Donuts are here

Dear members and constituents Mr. Allen is in early which means donuts are also in early. Not a bad way to start a Friday (which is another way of saying what a great way to start a Friday!). Come and help yourself. I will be sending out the invites for the new rotation later today. Happy Friday!

Happy Friday

Dear members and constituents, It's that bitter sweet time of the week again. On one hand you are saddened by the fact that you will be away from the office for two full days due to the weekend -- although a surprising number of you manage to sneak-in a lot of work over the weekend (bitter) and on the other you are looking forward to those yummy donuts (sweet). Well, the sweet part is here courtesy of Msrs. Marty Williams and Ray LaMar. Grab a cup of Joe and come on over to enjoy the reason Friday's are so special! Happy Friday!

Donuts are here

Dear Club Members and Constituents, Even though I am at an offsite all day to day, it was my turn to bring donuts in, so they are at my desk (even though I will not be). That is also the case for six other club members, so you will notice there are only 15 donuts instead of the usual 24… I expect that this should be the right number this week (since so many are out), but the standard continues to be two dozen. Also, we have 2 more weeks of runway, as I had inadvertently omitted Marty from the rotation (he has next week) and Jeff Allen missed the donut club so much he decided to accept a job and be re-hired by Level 3 so he could re-join the donut club. I have only heard from one club member regarding when they cannot bring donuts in (you know who you are). The good news is (a) you have another week or so to tell me which Fridays you will not be able to be here and hence should not be on the rotation (b) you can always trade with someone if you neglect to tell me and end up stuck brinin

The exquisite pastries are here

Dear members and constituents. These rights we hold inalienable: Life, Freedom and the Pursuit of Donuts. Today your ability to actually catch one of those much pursued objects with the hole in the middle comes to you courtesy of Tucker Maroney. Next week, it is my turn again, which means the rotation has ended. Next Friday I will be assigning the new rotation. If there are any Fridays you know you will not be here, please let me know so we can minimize donut duty trading. Meanwhile, don't panic… donuts are here. Happy Friday!

Ode to a couple dozen donuts

Dear members and constituents, What a beautiful day, Friday. Even though the week is almost over and the thought of being away from the office for a couple of days greatly pains us all, the fact that those sweet pastries with holes in the middle are here to comfort us and bring us joy is an inspiration to me. So much sweetness and goodness packed into such a small, round package. This week, the donuts brought in by Ed have taken over my will and possessed me to write a small poem in their honor: On Fridays there are donuts Or else I would go nuts What pleasure, what joy Yet o, so discreet O goody!, o boy! These pastries so sweet… I could go on, but will spare your cultivated sensitivities the rest of this childish rhyme. Suffice it to say Donuts are here, come and get them!!! Happy Friday,

Happy Friday!!

At last, the week has come to it's full term. The air is crisp, spirits are high and donuts are here! What a great way to get the weekend going. Credit goes to Ms. Kim Carroll for a "healthy" helping of LaMar's Come and get it!

The donut train has arrived

Dear members and constituents, Donuts are here, and courtesy of Ms Tofel we have a variety of Ray Lamar's pride and joy. Come and get them before demand exceeds supply. Happy Friday! [Rich DiGeronimo responded] P * Q = Donuts [to which JP Gonzalez added] Basic macro economics… the two curves will meet somewhere.

Donuts are here

Happy Friday All! Thanks to Viana, we have a couple dozen or Ray Lamar's finest sitting here at my desk, tempting me to over-indulge. I need your help today, as my will is weak and I do not wish to break any records for personal donut consumption. See you soon!

Donuts are here

Happy Friday! Thanks go to Mr. Rex Engelking for making arrangements (i.e. JP) to bring donuts in today. LaMar's it is and we have an assortment of 8 glazed, 8 topped and 8 Bizmarks. Come and get them! P.S. I will be sending out the official list later today, as soon as I get confirmation from a few folks… I have a couple of gaps in the sign-in sheet and would rather fill them with more folks than compress the list.

Are you in?

Team, It’s kind of ironic that the folks I have not received official confirmation from on continued donut club membership are my own team members :-) I was going to do the presumptive close on you (unless I hear otherwise you're in), but then thought it would make more sense to ensure no one is in due to peer pressure or habit. I need to know whether you want to continue in the donut club so I can complete the schedule and send it out. A simple yeah or nay will suffice. Thanks,

Donut Re-Charter

"Do what you feel in your heart to be right - for you'll be criticized anyway. You'll be damned if you do, and damned if you don't." -Eleanor Roosevelt Dear members and constituents, After much thought and consideration, I have decided the donut club must live on if it can. It seems to me that a fair approach is to institute a "high end criteria" in the Donut Club, whereby all members are aware that there is an expectation that donuts will come from a "donut boutique" and not be "supermarket bought". For those whose commute does not allow for convenient pick up of donuts at a donut boutique, they can fall back on the internal Level 3 ‘Time Wise’ to pick up donuts at the donut boutique. Conversely, my commute takes me in-front of a LaMar's and am willing to take the 5 extra minutes to buy the donuts (when I'm in town) if you let me know the day before that you can't do it. I

No donuts today

Dear members and constituents of the Friday Donut Club, It has been over 14 uninterrupted months that on Fridays my desk has had donuts (I know there were muffins one Friday). I believe it is easy to take a good thing for granted and the absence of that thing can lead us to value it more. I know that is the case for me today as I long for a sweet pastry and feel the void in my office. I am still in the process of soul searching to determine whether or not to continue this proud tradition. To those of you who did without breakfast on the expectation donuts will be here today, may I recommend you get something at the cafeteria before it's too late :-). I don't think we've seen the end of Donut Fridays yet... Stay tuned. [Nanette Zeile suggested] Suggestion to this tradition. Continue with Donut Club with the high end criteria. For those whose commute does not allow for convenient pick up of donuts at a high donut boutique, they fall back on the internal Level 3 ‘Pressed for T

D-Day (D is for Donut... That's good enough for me)

Folks, I apologize for the late notice. I am working from home today (sick as a dog) and presume Viana has made me proud and has some assortment of sweet pastries at my desk. I got a dozen responses to our donut survey as follows: A. Donut Purists: 4 B. Donut Tolerant: 5 C. Donut Pragmatists: 3 It has also been reported that Matt Wilson left the company on account of the fact this issue was so near and dear to him (the official response is that he went to work for a company out in Boulder, but we are still investigating). We seem to be fairly evenly divided. I will ponder on these results. Meanwhile, if anyone has ideas on how to proceed, I am open to them. Happy Friday! [Viana Pandey wrote] Donuts are in JP's office - I am a purist by the way. [Stacy Jackson wrote] Here’s how I see this: The purists will always buy donuts from a donut shop. The tolerants will also always BUY donuts from a donut shop (but will EAT supermarket donuts when they’re bought) Only the pragmati

Happy Friday

Dear members and constituents, Donuts are here courtesy of yours truly and Mr. Ray Lamar. Glazed are still hot, so please come and enjoy. Last week we posed a question that cuts to the heart of what I believe to be something that has been eating at some of our members. The question is whether Grocery Store donuts meet the test for "real" donuts. The results are in. Drum roll…. 6 - Abstained from voting 6 - Believe we should all purchase donuts at a "real" donut store (includes person who sent the controversial e-mail) 4 - Believe donuts are donuts -even if they come from King Soopers One member went as far as to say that if buying donuts at a donut store was a requirement they would have to quit the club. There appears to be a clear division in our constituency, and with so many abstaining from voting, it is hard to tell what the majority feels. Given this division, I have given a lot of thought as to whether it is worth it to keep this noble effort going or if I sh

Donuts are here (start of the donut controversy)

Dear members and constituents, An oddity has occurred… Donuts were here at 7:20 when I arrived. No, I did not intentionally wait 20 minutes to send out this notice so I could cherry-pick. My records show John Guillaume is to thank for today's batch. Please come by and enjoy. On a housekeeping note, next Friday marks the finale of the current donut cycle. Unless folks feel strongly one way or another, I was thinking I would repeat the order in which donuts were brought in this time around, which means that after Viana brings in donuts next Friday, I would start off the rotation the following week, then Matt W. and so forth. If I don't get better ideas, I will be sending out meeting requests for your donut turns next week. Happy Friday! [JP Gonzalez added] Members and constituents.The following issue has been brought to my attention and, unless addressed may be the downfall of the donut club. I thought you should collectively know. I have received similar verbal comments from sev

Donuts are (finally) here

Be careful when trading Donut shifts. That's the lesson our good friend Tucker learned today. When Tucker traded days with Marty, little did he know he was setting himself up for forgetting he was on donut Duty on Marty's day (today!) Long story short, after a mad dash to the store, we now have donuts… please come and enjoy (and be sure to give Tucker some crap about his timeliness ;-) Happy Friday!!! [Tucker Maroney responded] The anticipation just makes these donuts that much better than the average Friday, this was totally planned :-)

Donuts are here

Thanks go to Stacy for sending a gentleman in with a couple dozen of LaMar's finest. Please stop by and help consume them, lest I end up eating too many (again :-) Happy Friday!

Donuts are here

Dear members and constituents, Due to the unfortunate closing of the Donut Factory, donuts are late… but as they say, better late than never. Courtesy of Ed Stocker we have three dozen sweet pastries at 31A-216. Please come and enjoy! A quick administrative note. When I sent out the meeting invites earlier today I did not realize Jeff Allen was no longer with us, so I had to re-arrange the schedule in mid-flight. As a result the meeting invite some of you have reflects an inaccurate batting order. The list as it stands right now is: John Schoder 4/15/2005 Yvonne Tofel 4/22/2005 Kim Carroll 4/29/2005 Carlton Bonilla 5/6/2005 Rex Engelking 5/13/2005 John Guillaume 5/20/2005 Richard DiGeronimo 5/27/2005 Jim Johnson 6/3/2005 Stacey Jackson 6/10/2005 Tucker Maroney 6/17/2005 Marty Williams 6/24/2005 Nannette Zeile 7/1/2005 Happy Friday!

New Rotation

All, The new round of donuts is here. You know the drill so I won't hammer it in. The three basic rules are: It's a donut club. If you want to bring other pastries (e.g. bagels) start your own club Be prompt. By 8 am should be fine. Many folks skip breakfast so they can indulge in the sweet pastries. Provide a little variety. A mix of Glazed, Cake, Frosted and Filled is advisable. In case you need to trade with someone else, here is the list: Jeff Allen 4/15/2005 Yvonne Tofel 4/22/2005 Kim Carroll 4/29/2005 Carlton Bonilla 5/6/2005 Rex Engelking 5/13/2005 John Guillaume 5/20/2005 Richard DiGeronimo 5/27/2005 Jim Johnson 6/3/2005 Stacey Jackson 6/10/2005 Tucker Maroney 6/17/2005 John Schoder 6/24/2005 Marty Williams 7/1/2005 Nannette Zeile 7/8/2005 Reminder is set for the day before (Thursday). Regards!

Wichell's are here

Happy Friday!! A big hand goes out to Mr. Matt Wilson for setting the new standard of Friday Donut activities. Please come by and enjoy a couple dozen (plus 4) of the best Winchell's has to offer.