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Donut Forget Gratefulness

Friends, It’s been an odd year. Still, as I take stock of things for which I’m thankful, there’s no shortage of blessings. So many, in fact, I thought I’d pull together a top ten list of things for which I‘m grateful. 10. I don’t have schizophrenia, despite the fact advertisers on Pandora seem to disagree and are targeting me with ads for their once monthly injection. 9. Green screens. Yes, we all know you’re really at home but now we don’t have to be distracted by those dirty socks in the corner of your room. 8. Scotch, wine and fancy beer. Without them, instead of a connoisseur I’d be a common drunk. What a difference pretense makes! 7. I haven’t had to set an alarm this year. No commute. No planes to catch. Plus, my 14 second commute makes it so that even if I sleep-in, I can make that early meeting. 6. Streaming services. ‘Nuff said! 5. The logic-defying, record-breaking stock market. Despite all economic indicators pointing south, it seems my IRA lives in an alternate universe whe

Life and Donuts

Friends, You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. While true for most things in life, when it comes to life itself, who knows? After all, if you’re reading this, chances are, you’re still alive, so the absence of your life can’t possibly make your heart grow fonder for it. While I’ve lived a thousand lives (via Netflix, TV, Books, etc.), I’ve never really died. One day, death will come knocking –it’s inevitable. That day, I hope to greet her without regrets. The goal of life can’t be to avoid death, that would be futile. Whether or not you believe in an afterlife, while we’re here, the goal should be to make the most of the time we’re given. In short, the goal of life is to live! So, shrug-off that misunderstanding, share a wink and a smile and lend a helping hand. Make that call, try that thing, take that chance. Watch that sunrise, smell that flower, listen to that song, feel that breeze and taste that donut! Happy Friday!

Spooky Thoughts

Friends, It figures Friday the 13 th   would happen twice in 2020. In fairness, it happens twice most years –three times in 2026, hope you’re not superstitious! In perhaps a sign there may be something to this day’s unfortunate reputation, my first draft of this note, created in my comfy bed, vanished in the ether –so I’m having to re-write it. Fortunately, writing the same content the second time is much faster (granted, some brilliant turn of phrase may be lost in the process). In the spirit of the day, it feels appropriate to share a few spooky facts I noticed this week: A new DNA study shows  cats domesticated themselves . One more reason not to trust these aloof creatures! The study was silent on whether witches had any involvement in the domestication process. My local library has a 10 foot tall papier-mâché alebrije of  Xólotl , the canine demigod of the underworld. Foolish me thought his name was Cerberus –who needs three heads when a veritable cornucopia of dissonant color can

A Fresh New Day

Friends, It’s a beautiful new morning. The sun rose yet again, and graces us with its ever-cheerful disposition. The dawn’s fresh air shares a crisp caress, rousing the senses while the aroma of hot coffee whisks you away to that ethereal somewhere you know must exist but can’t seem to quite pin-down. Your eye ganders at a gaggle of gliding geese, while imagination takes wing with them. It is good to be above ground, where one can still enjoy the sweet, rich taste of a golden, fluffy donut. Happy Friday!