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RE: Surprise!

[From Marcio Avillez -- JP is on vacation] 3 and 1/2 dozen fresh donuts from winchell's are awaiting you in JP's cube. For your reference recent DP article ranking donut places, please let em know if you want me to go to safeway next time. . .


Dear members and constituents, As I look back on this past week, the consistent theme seems to have been the unexpected. On Monday, I was surprised to hear SunRocket's employees had been told to go home and their customers had to go figure out what to do about their phone service. Tuesday I was equally surprised to receive a recognition award at Glenn's all hands meeting. OK, so I can't think of any surprises on Wednesday and Thursday's close of the Dow Jones Industrial Average inching above 14,000 was somewhat expected… It should therefore come as no surprise that today, due to some personnel changes at Level 3 (and consequent trickle-down effect on our membership), Amanda Tierney has gracefully agreed to accelerate her debut in the Friday Donut Club. Please join me in welcoming Amanda to the fold (and by all means, surprise yourself by testing the outer limits of your donut consumption capabilities). Happy Friday!

Friday the 13th

Dear members and constituents, If you were superstitious, you probably spent last Saturday (07/07/07) in Las Vegas betting your heart out. You would also be very weary of today. No weddings or travel for you today, no siree! Not being all that superstitious, I found myself wandering the dark deserted hallways of 32C when I suddenly became aware of a presence. Another set of faint footsteps in the distance had broken the rhythmic pattern of my own. I came to a sudden stop, paralyzed by the possibilities. Filled with a mysterious purpose, these footsteps grew closer and closer. I could distinctly hear that macabre sound each shoe made on the carpeted floor. All I could do was watch as a shadow crept towards me. Soon I could see a figure, veiled in darkness and carrying a mysterious package. Could it be? My jaw dropped as my suspicions were confirmed. It was the TimeWise lady carrying Roger Greene's first errand of the day: three dozen donuts (not quite the thirty six dozen he'd o

A donut bomb

Dear members and constituents, Wednesday night. It's just past sunset and I'm sitting on the deck. Import beer in hand -- although seemingly unpatriotic, I would argue it is quite the opposite… embracing the patriotic ideals of diversity in beer (not to mention the pursuit of happiness). I am dazzled by the multi-color explosions in the air when all of a sudden, like a firecracker falling out of the sky, it hits me. The fourth of July celebration is a manifestation of the collective subconscious desire for donuts. The fireworks create circular patterns in the sky, reminiscent of gigantic donuts. The explosion of sweet flavor that donuts bring to the palate is metaphorically portrayed in the sky's giant canvas. Granted, coffee goes better with donuts than beer, but if you are getting ready to consume a donut, it's Friday morning and you're at work, so beer is not an advisable beverage alternative at this time… So come on down and do the patriotic thing. Have a donut,