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Phoning it in

Friends, I was listening to an early 2000s live Scorpions rendition of “rock you like a hurricane” where it sounded like Klaus was just going through the motions – despite (or perhaps because of) the large orchestra backing the band. I’d like to imagine the subpar performance was the consequence of a wild evening the night before. Then again, over the years there probably are times when making the same old song come alive must feel like a burden. I suppose we’re all inclined to just phone it in (zoom it in?) from time to time. Unfortunately, you never know which version of your work folks are going to judge you by – at least that’s what I tell myself whenever I’m tempted to put in a half-hearted effort. At times like these I might try switching-up tasks, going for a walk or grabbing a donut. Do you have a trick that works particularly well for you? I’d love to hear it. They're making it harder to just phone it in. Happy Friday!

Space-Time Continuum

Friends, It's tempting to feel adrift in the enormity of space and time. Our orb, a speck of dust in the universe. Our lives, a blink of an eye in history. At times like this I remind myself the only space I occupy is here and the only time I control is now. I may be small and fleeting, but I'm here, now... and I'm gonna make the best of it. Feel the crisp breeze on my skin. Breathe the petricor-laden fresh air down to the bottom of my lungs. Hear the river churning and the birds singing. Close my eyes and smile. Open them and take-in the dew-drenched green mountains around me. Greet loved ones with a hug, share my feelings and don't be afraid to horse around. Be grateful for the little things. The big questions feel remote. Are we alone in the universe? Perhaps. Why are we here? I can't be certain, but the order I see in the universe, from subatomic to super-galactic, points to an Orderer. Does life go on? I hope so. Are the donuts fresh? Take a bite and find out.

Human beings or humans doing?

  Friends, Look around and you’ll notice busy people. Planning. Plotting. Scheming. Daydreaming. Travel to a remote corner of the globe and chances are you’ll see someone doing something. Building. Tilling. Writing. Fighting. All that energy. All that urgency. All that futile effort. To what end? Everything we own is borrowed – or perhaps leased. Every step. Every sound. Every snooze. Every possession you will eventually lose. Our stint on this planet is limited, yet we spend so little time enjoying our existence. Seeing. Feeling. Breathing. Hearing our hearts beating. Seems to me the term human being is a misnomer if I ever heard one. More like humans doing. Wasting our fleeting time above ground making new scars on the face of the earth we will eventually be buried in. Wow! That went south quickly. Too dark for a Friday morning, when the only thing dark on your mind should be a hot cup of coffee. On the bright side, you and I are both here now. So, take a minute to grab a donut, clos

Tow the Party Line

  Friends, In the late sixties, Alka-Seltzer famously spent millions on memorable yet ineffective ads. The catchy jingle and fun commercials did little to grow the antiacid’s bottom line. Which begs the question, what makes a message effective? Your goals may vary, but ultimately, it’s a function of reaching the right folks with relevant information that increases the odds they´ll do something you want. It doesn’t have to be pretty, it just has to work. Which brings me to a tow truck company in the small town of O ña, Ecuador . They painted the word “tow” followed by their phone number every few feet down a 40 mile stretch of highway. By my estimates, it must have cost them roughly $1,650*. If a car breaks down on that stretch of highway, guess whom they´re calling. I´d be willing to bet several cars break down that winding, pothole ridden, mountainous road with poor data coverage every day. Pretty? No. Effective? You betcha! Of course, ideally you want to get style points whilst r