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Donuts are here

Happy Friday to all!It seems Time Wise has become the venue of choice for Friday donuts. For some reason, it seems the bed is a little softer, those sheets a little more comfy and the office a little more distant. In any event, thanks go to Yvonne for hiring our good friends and getting the donuts here just under the gun. Come and get them!

They're heEere!

Dear members and constituents, As the sun rises from the east, so too, there are donuts on Fridays. It is good to have certainties in life. I had started to challenge this belief set when 8:01 arrived and donuts were not here, but I only had to wait a couple of minutes for my world-view to be reaffirmed. Jen Artley hired TimeWise to bring donuts in and she took the extra precaution of telling them how many of each type of donut to bring, so the assortment should be satisfactory to all. Life is good. Come and enjoy some LaMar's!

The Friday Donut Minute

Dear members and constituents, As I ponder on the hurried pace of our lives, watching people run to the printer and grab something or other they need for a meeting, or perhaps rushing to the cafeteria for their morning fix of this or that, it is good to know there are certain things in life we can enjoy while re-fueling for the daily hustle. Sweet round pastries that melt in your mouth, washed down with a nice hot cup of coffee are among them. Rich D. has brought us a sampling from Winchell's which should satisfy the most demanding palate (and provide you the energy you need to get through the next 120 minutes). So, slow down and mosey on over to re-charge your engine with your Friday donut (or two, or three, whatever it takes). Happy Friday!