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Leap Donut

Friends, Wedged between Fat Tuesday (aka Mardi Gras) and Super Tuesday (aka Ad Morass), tomorrow’s calendar adjustment feels like a momentous occasion. What to do on that extra calendar day? You could treat it like an ordinary Saturday (boring!), or, you could go out of your way to do something special. Whether you take a leap of faith and try something new, leap for joy at the weekend's excitement or try to make progress by leaps and bounds on that long postponed project (a quantum leap?), tomorrow's the perfect day for it. Granted, you should look before you leap --and it may not be one giant leap for mankind-- still, I recommend leaping-in with gusto. And, on the off chance you decide to get four dozen donuts tomorrow, I think you oughta ask for a leap donut (same idea as a baker's dozen, only it's 29th donut that's free). Even if they don't give it to you, I bet it would put a smile on that clerk's face. Happy Friday! JP Gonz├ílez

Better Living Through Aligned Expectations

Friends, Expectations and reality don't always align. Like that pair of size 48” x 32“ athletic fit jeans I saw on the clearance rack. Not the waist to length ratio you’d expect to find in an athlete. Then again, that might explain why they were on clearance. Or the Ford Mustang roadside assistance vehicle ToyotaCare dispatched when my brother-in-law’s car wouldn’t start. Not very helpful! Once jump starting the car was ruled-out as a viable option, towing was not on the menu. Or, Denver Beer Company’s logo design. Looks like a donut, but the closest they come is their Graham Cracker Peanut Butter Porter. Then again, their Princess Yum Yum Raspberry Kolsch is a jelly-filled donut-worthy name. Whether the motivation you need to finish your week strong comes from a donut or a beer (think of it as a fermented, liquid donut), I expect you're going to have an awesome time of it. Happy Friday!

Valentine's Donuts

Friends, Have you ever bought a Valentine's Day gift at Victoria's Secret? I must confess I find the whole experience unnerving. Walking into this eclectic mix of airbrushed black and white supermodel posters juxtaposed with polka dotted burlap mannequins, unflattering undies wedged-up their hoo-has, makes me self-conscious. As a middle-aged man, I'm paranoid the young attendants might think me some sort of pervert, invading their hallowed candy shop for the flesh. Which way should I look? Do I make eye contact? How do I know what to get? And, why is there a sign that says "she's gonna like this"? Shouldn't it be "you're gonna like this"? Finally, am I going to hell for chuckling at the untoward cast of characters scavenging the clearance rack? I think better of it, find the nearest exit and leave. Once at a safe distance, I realize the awkward eternity spent in the store was more like three minutes. On to plan B. This Valentine's Day,

Donut Mock Me

Friends, Life is full of opportunities to smile, smirk or even laugh out loud. All you need is a little curiosity, imagination and chance. Here's what I mean. Coke is promoting a new product called Coca Cola Energy. As my son Pablo observed, maybe they're bringing back the original recipe (you know, the one with cocaine). That'll keep you going! Comedy 103.1 is broadcast from the Frank Azar Studios. Odd choice if you ask me, after all, personal injury is no laughing matter. That said, I can't help but wonder, what happens if laughing at a stand-up routine makes you crash your car? Do you call the strong arm to sue the radio station? Next time you're hiking, carry a doggy waste bag filled with something slightly bulky --maybe a donut or two. Then, keep an eye out for the looks of befuddlement and disgust, as folks realize you don't have a dog with you. What were you doing in the woods? How about you? Care to share a humorous thought association? While yo