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Random Acts of Kindness

Dear Members and Constituents, Thank you! You out there, going out of your way to do nice things for others, thank you. To the friend, who bought me a breakfast burrito on Tuesday, thank you. To the anonymous donor who left a donut on my desk on Wednesday morning, thank you. Every time the cynic in me wishes to focus on the dark underbelly lint of humanity, the army of micro-philanthropists doing those little things that make this world a friendly place, remind me of the overwhelming goodness out there. Thank you, one and all! A special thank you to Matt Hawthorne (donut boy), he went all the way out to Krispy Kreme to get four-and-a-half dozen donuts for us to enjoy this morning. So, take a quick break from all your do-gooding, do something nice for yourself and come grab a donut. I’m sure the energy and cheer you get will help you to continue the virtuous cycle of selflessness. Happy Friday!

Vacation, Motivation and the Donut Nation

Dear Members and Constituents   What possesses us to abandon the comfort of our routines (work, home, even Friday Donuts) and head-out on vacation? That was the question running through my head last week as I explored my old stomping grounds at Yellowstone National Park. Why endure the afflictions of travel delays, adventuresome restroom experiences and unfamiliar-sleeping-surface-induced insomnia? After some thought, I’ve concluded it’s a tapestry of motivating factors –blended and weighted to the right proportions for each individual. We do it to please, prove, pump-up, learn, yearn, earn, escape and/or check-the-box (for ourselves or others). We may be trying to please or prove something to ourselves or others. We may try to exercise our bodies ( pump-up ) or minds ( learn something). We may yearn for the good old days and visit places that trigger fond memories. It may be purely financial (to earn a buck) or we just need an escape from the routine. Finally, while I understand th

Donuts of Borg

Dear Members and Constituents, I have been assimilated. All it took was a trip through Wyoming's byways to realize my reliance on technology is approaching the near-symbiotic levels of the Borg (that infamous Star Trek collective). Accessing a subspace channel to reach the Hive (i.e. getting on the Internet) to retrieve directions to the Super Volcano (i.e. Yellowstone National Park) proved to be a frustrating task. Granted, a predictable surprise, after all, cell towers are capital-intensive beasts and tend to be deployed where people congregate. I write you this note, as a marooned castaway crafts a message-in-a-bottle: without the benefit of a thesaurus and with only the hope someone will receive it. I suppose I was in more need of an e-mail cleanse and social media detox than I realized. Speaking of social media, if you're getting this note, it means Anthony Christie (donut boy and marketer-in-charge) has delivered four dozen delicious donuts. Donuts I can only covet

Happy 5th of July!

Dear Members and Constituents, Happy 5 th of July! I feel good today -despite staying up late watching the fireworks, having that extra beer, brat and/or burger and working today. Why you ask? It’s not the residual glow from the sparkling streamers or booming bombs. It’s not a lingering buzz from beer or carbs consumed last night. It’s not even the fact I get to be in the office today –although that has something to do with it. It’s the donuts! Amy Nelson, donut girl, has come-up with a festive selection to help us celebrate independence day encore. An explosion of giant specialty donuts accompanies a steady stream of Ray’s glazed. So if you’re lucky enough to be working today, come-on down and grab one. And if not, well, it’s your loss. J Happy Friday!