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You say Columbia, I say Colombia

Friends, When I heard the speaker of the house Mike Johnson had suggested the president of Colombia resign, I thought to myself, now that's something we can all agree on. That scoundrel, charlatan and criminal Petro should resign. Then it hit me. Wait... he said Columbia, not Colombia. What a difference a letter makes... darn homophones! It's like when you hear someone say "donut, come near me" but they actually said "do not come near me". One second you're on top of the world and the next you're crashing down looking for a soft spot to land. Speaking of which, I found this comic online and couldn't resist sharing. Happy Friday!

Dam, what a waste of time!

Friends, Picture a large cottonwood tree, its two foot thick trunk sharpened like a pencil by an eager beaver. Imagine all the hours spent gnawing away around the base to fell the timber. The anticipation of a new dam running through the critter’s head. Suddenly a large creaking noise signals the venerable tree’s impending fall… in the wrong direction! All that work for naught. Helpless to change the outcome, the rodent gets out of the way and watches the spectacle. As the dust settles, the hard learned lesson will not soon be forgotten: effort does not guarantee results. So, as you get ready to plunge into the day’s work and finish the week strong, grab a donut and make sure your effort is pushing you in the right direction. Happy Friday!

Badges_ We don't need no sktinkin' badges!

Friends, Is it just me or have app developers gone overboard with notification badges. You know what I'm talking about... those pervasive red balloons with a number on them that appear on your app icons and are designed to waste your day by trying to make them disappear. Either that or stress you out by telling you there's more to do. It feels like a game of whack a mole. No sooner have you cleared one of these demonic notifications, when another appears. Whether for work or leisure, a semi-OCD person looking for a clean slate could spend hours on their futile quest to have no pending tasks. I'm not kidding. For instance, why does LinkedIn need a notification badge for Messages, Notifications and My Network... and why does Facebook add new notification badges as soon as I've cleared the previous one? It's not like those unseen posts were posted in the past 23 seconds! And don't get me started on work productivity applications (not to throw any app under the bus

Is it Apocaclypse or Eclipsalypse?

  Friends, Watching the sun impersonate a donut is always a worthwhile event —not to mention, I’m a sucker for celestial happenings. Unfortunately, I’m gonna miss it. After briefly toying with the idea of traveling to see Monday’s fast-approaching solar eclipse, I decided against it for rather mundane reasons. The most driveable location is 15 hours away. Flights are packed and therefore expensive. Lodging is similarly impacted by limited supply and high demand. So instead, I curated a brief list of names several locales around the country are using to refer to this year's occurrence.  Eclipsalypse . That’s how Niagarans envision the flood of humanity seeking to document totality over the falls on their instagram feeds.  The clips . From San Antonio to Texarkana, Texans everywhere are making the celestial event sound more like a haircut event.  Monday . Dallas’ weather forecast calls for a cloudy day. Move along little Dallasites, nothing to see here.  Staring contest with the sun