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Crowdsourced Donuts

Friends, Would you crowdsource an important hiring decision? It may sound odd, but some of the most critical and powerful jobs in the world come down to a popularity contest. I’m speaking, of course, about elections. Ecuador held their midterms last Sunday, and, closer to home, with 1.63 years to go, it seems everybody is running for president of the United States. One wonders how, despite its many shortcomings, nearly 60% of the world’s nations use some form of democracy —as with most things, it is a continuum. I was struck, when looking at the democracy index , that the U.S. falls not into the “full democracy” category (which I would have fully expected) but, rather, it is a “flawed democracy” (which somehow feels fitting). So, as you brace for another election season filled with vitriolic political campaigns, have a donut and consider this is the best we’ve got. For now. Maybe someday soon technology will help us find better leaders. Maybe we can come-up with an unbiased screeni

Embracing Virtual Donuts

Friends, When your mind plays tricks on you, embrace it! I know I do. Take that CNN notification on my iPhone this week that read "cyclone destroys city, space and herpes."   A city, I get. A cyclone destroying space, on the other hand, must be one hell of a hurricane. As for destroying herpes, well, that feels like a bit of a stretch, even to me. Or that trip down the vitamin aisle. Who names these things anyway? Super B Complex? Is that for students who can't seem to get an A so they have a psychological hang-up? Or the person talking their rabid little dog off their insane barking spree. Instead of a gentle "don't bark at the nice man", which we all know is for my benefit anyway, how about "you're spoiling the element of surprise, we'll get him when he least expects it". After all, if it's truly for the dog's benefit, she doesn't understand words, just your tone. As for my insistence on sending donut e-mails, even though

Donut Philosophy

Friends, I’ve occasionally been accused of dabbling in philosophy. I finally understood why. Last night my sister texted me a white board containing her friend Tarnell Brown’s philosophy primer. It would appear a long line of deep thinkers throughout history has pondered deep fried pastries. Who knew the search for meaning centered around a sweet doughy ring? As they say, if the donut fits, eat it! On this beautiful new morning, I hope you find yourself a perfectly sized donut to give this new day a fitting start (I can’t think of a better way to wash down the pie you surely had yesterday). Happy Friday!

Spring into Donuts!

Friends, As spring nears, days are steadily getting longer, filling the soul with optimism. To make matters better, our clocks will be springing forward this Sunday, shifting an additional hour of daylight from morning to evening. The world seems a less foreboding place, ripe with potential. Leaves will soon be springing to life as the winter chill loosens it’s grip. Songbirds are about to return with their melodious chirping while Canada geese are about to... well, stick around (I think they’ve decided Canada, for all it’s hype, isn’t worth the semi-annual peregrination). And speaking of migrations, if you’re planning to work at the downtown Denver Spaces office today, bring your sweet tooth. I’ll bring the donuts. Happy Friday!

Liquid Donuts?

Friends, Last night, Rice University organized an alumni networking session at Mile High Spirits . I entered the trendy distillery/bar full of hip young adults and as I’m scanning the landscape looking for the event, someone walks up to me and says “go through that door and you will find your people.” My people? Keep in mind I had not asked for help and he had not asked me any questions. I must have looked out of place -a fish out of water. I’m clearly not as cool as I imagine. Of course, I didn’t let that stop me from having a couple of glasses of Chocolate Donut Bourbon on the rock from their infusion list (I’d say “rocks”, but it was a single giant ice cube). Very smooth. I think that should count as my donut consumption for the week. In what form will you take your donut today? Happy Friday!