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Showing posts from November, 2004

Bonus Donuts

Friday Donut Club members and constituents, In an unanticipated act of holiday spirit, and well aware that I could not bear to have a week without donuts, Mr. Ken Good has brought in a dozen and a half (I told him not to bring any more because so many people are away today). If you're in the mood, come and get a donut to celebrate the end of the week (even if it isn't Friday) Happy Wednesday!

Donuts are Here

Dear members and constituents, Just a reminder: most of the donuts, bear claws, cinnamon rolls and assorted sweets Kim Carroll brought in have not yet been consumed. I alone can't make a big enough dent on the 3 dozen. Happy Friday!

Donuts are here!

Friday Donut Club members and constituents all, It gives me great joy to announce today was my turn to bring in donuts. Due to growth (in membership as well as appetites) it had become apparent that two dozen donuts was no longer going to cut it, so I have brought in 36 (12 filled and 24 "holy"). Come and get them (while they last ;-) Happy Friday!