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Grab your Walton donuts before they go the way of... the Waltons

Dear Members and Constituents, A couple of pre-sets on my car radio lead to hip-hop and alternative stations (a byproduct of having two licensed teens). Driving to work this morning, my attempt to find suitable “jam” music led to Pitbull saying he should be “locked-up like Lindsay Lohan”. Needless to say, the analogy put a smirk on my face and got me wondering what others might be out there ripe for the picking. The ones I came-up with are fairly obvious and not all that great: You need to get to work and stop whining like a ninety nine percenter   I’m feeling as stressed as the Euro   He’s such a flirt he fancies himself a Herman Cain That medicine the doctor prescribed was as ineffective as congress I’m sure you can probably come-up with -or have heard- better ones (and I’m willing to bet we would all enjoy reading them, if you care to share). Speaking of sharing something different, Julius Pasion risked life and limb this morning to get four dozen Walton donuts (located

Nigel Tufnel Day-light Donuts Are Here

Dear Members and Constituents, Eleven is a funny number, inasmuch as numbers can be considered funny. Not quite a dozen, and not a round number; wedged somewhere in that awkward middle, symmetrical yet funny sounding. Then again, maybe it was Nigel Tufnel of Spinal Tap fame's amplifier -you know, the one that goes to 11- that inserted the "funny sounding" association in my head. Whatever the case may be, if you're a fan of the number, today's a good day to be alive. In a little under three hours the clock and the date will be all ones. If you count the seconds that's a dozen ones. Speaking of dozens, Carlos Belloso, donut boy, delights us with four of them  (in Daylight Donut boxes). So, if you need “that extra push over the cliff” come grab one -or as many ones as you like. Happy Friday!  

The Donutzone is Open

Dear Members and Constituents, The land of the gyro is stressing the Euro and folks eating calzone concern the Eurozone. The banks are upset they trusted sovereign debt and market low confidence follows a Greek vote of no confidence. I think Drachma and Lyra would not make the path clearer. As my 401-K crawls it’s way to OK, my thoughts turn to donuts, they’re here, hip-horray!  So come grab a treat and if you’re still hungry, repeat. Happy Friday! P.S. I neglected to give credit (and this warrants an edit). Curtis Crawford’s debut did deliver a loot