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Donut withdrawal (Blizzard part deux)

Dear members and constituents, Like sugar powder on a delicious donut, snow blankets my driveway faster than I can shovel it away. Never mind the snow, it's the donuts I'm concerned with. No donuts last week, no donuts this week… how long can this drought last? Christie Rygiewicz is making her debut on the donut club next week. My only word of advice to Christie: come in early next Friday so you don't get plowed by a blizzard of sugar-deprived Friday Donut Club members. May the new year bring with it fortune and success. May Level 3's stock price triple. May it snow several feet in the mountains while blue skies blanket our fair city. Over all, may every Friday find you with a donut in one hand and a hot beverage of your choice in the other. Happy New Year!

Spread the word to kith and kin: Liberty, Justice, Donuts!

Dear Members and Constituents, I need not remind you it's Friday and, of course, you know what that means. Happy thoughts of soon-to-be-realized dreamy downhill skiing (Powder snow) Preparations for appropriate remedies to the hang-over you know you will have from some of the pre-holiday celebrations (Powder remedies) A higher energy level induced by the glucose released into your system as a by-product of the donut consumption (Powder sugar) Phil King regrets not being able to be here today to see the joy in each of your faces at discovering three dozen Kripsy Kreme donuts fresh and ready to eat (as most of you probably know already, Krispy Kreme donuts are noticeably smaller than their peers from other stores, therefore an extra dozen is appropriate to account for increased unit consumption). He does, however, have a message for us all: "...enjoy, and spread the word to kith and kin: Liberty, Justice, Donuts!". As any attorney dealing in constitutional case law will tel

Donuts are not yet here...

They're Here! Happy Friday!!! _____________________________________________ Dear members and constituents, This is a test of our collective Pavlovian conditioning: Fresh Powder -- Hit the slopes Base jumping without a parachute -- A particularly bad idea April 16th -- Taxes And of course, Fridays -- Donuts There are some things we hold as certainties in life. We expect the sun to come up in the morning, darkness at night and donuts by 8 am on Fridays. Unfortunately, Time Wise had a mix-up on the pre-directional of the address for Krispy Kreme and they went to the wrong end of 120th. This means donuts will be here a little later than expected. The good news (for Jeff Allen) is that donuts are on the house. The bad news is they are not here yet. I expect them to be here in 20 minutes (say 8:45). I unfortunately have back to back meetings all morning so I may not be at my desk on time to send you a timely notification they arrived. Please feel free to swing by my desk (32C-415) as oft

It's sunny with a high of 75

Dear members and constituents, Dry roads, driving down the highway at 75 miles per hour with the top down, a warm breeze blowing through your hair. The only way you are going to experience these sensations today is if you travel to a more temperate latitude. Do not despair, there is a cheaper alternative: let your mind wander and your cares ease away as you bite into a soft donut. Let the sweetness envelop you and melt away the bitter cold that surrounds us. Himself being originally from a warmer latitude, Mr. Marcio Avillez honors us today with a fine selection of delectable Winchell's donuts. If like me, you can't let the soft sand of Caribbean beaches caress your toes as you go for a leisurely stroll, do the next best thing and walk on over to 32C-415, the place to be for donuts. Happy Friday!

Happy.... Wednesday?

Dear Members and Constituents, The sun comes up from the East, there are twelve months in the year and every week, on Fridays we partake in the Donut Club. These things we hold to be true. So, you ask, how is it that on a Wednesday, on a week when no one was scheduled to bring donuts in we have donuts? I will tell you. I could not bear the thought of a week without donuts. True enough, Friday is a holiday and we can't expect people to come into the office for this… so… ALAS!, it dawned on me… why not -- for this week only-- bring donuts in on Wednesday? I know, it's a radical concept, however I took the leap of faith and purchased one dozen donuts (I figured a vast number of folks would be out, so a couple dozen would be over-kill). I hope you think of it along the same vein as football on Thursday, it does not happen all the time, but once in a while, it's a welcome surprise. Come and grab a donut, after all you're in when most folks are not… you've earned it! Happ

Donut Location Change

Dear members and constituents, Donuts are here and I have moved to 32C-415 (so don't go to my old office looking for them). Colby gets the credit and I have to run to a staff meeting, so come and enjoy a sweet pastry!! Happy Friday!

It's Friday!

[Posted by Roger Greene] Dear Esteemed Donut Enthusiasts: Sit up straight, reach your hands to the sky, interlace your fingers palms facing upward, arch your neck and back, and be sure to get a full stretch as you let out a victorious sigh for you’ve made it to yet another Friday. While the resident doh-net poh-et is out of the office, the tradition continues uninterrupted! Waste not another second, spring into action, launch to your feet and race to JP’s office where you will find two boxes of luscious Lamar’s donuts and a bag of holes! May this great experience be the first of many throughout the rest of your day and weekend! Happy Friday! -Roger

It's Friday!

Dear members and constituents The skies have created a glowing blue and gold glaze over the rugged Rockies. The air is crisp, the day is young and everything seems within reach. That is certainly the case for the two dozen delicious donuts at my desk. Reach out and grab for a cup of coffee (or other beverage of your choice) and help yourself to one (or two) of these beauties Yvonne Tofel has brought in. Happy Friday!

Jerri's inaugural donut day

Dear Members and Constituents, This is one of those days where it feels good to be in the office. Sitting inside a warm building doing something productive and knowing the opportunity cost to your time is very low today is comforting. It is also comforting to know it is Friday and donuts await you! Today is Jerri Abeyta's first time and she has been looking forward to it all week. She carefully made her list, checked it twice and headed out to LaMar's this morning, full of joyful anticipation. And I think the results of that preparation are apparent. Two dozen of Ray LaMar's finest confections (including a healthy selection of specialties). So, grab a cup of your favorite hot beverage (and I do hope it does not happen to be soup) and come on down! Don't make these sweet pastries wait a minute longer. You know you want them. Happy Friday!

Donuts are here

Dear Members and Constituents, It must be somebody's birthday because all the donuts we have today are cake donuts today. Time Wise has brought in a couple dozen courtesy of Jen Artley. Happy Friday!

Rise and Shine!

Dear members and constituents, Tucker has just arrived bearing 3 boxes of LaMar's donuts. If you are anything like me your first reaction would be to think Tucker upped the ante to three dozen donuts. However, that is not the case. That said, you could consider it an escalation of sorts…you see, Tucker needed three boxes because, in addition to two dozen donuts, he has brought in four Bismarcks (one of which he has already consumed, so three left) as well as several donut holes. In Tucker's own words "I couldn't deny myself some of these". So, come on down and enjoy! Happy Friday!

Happy Friday

Dear members and constituents, They're heeeeeere! Two dozen tasty LaMar's donuts, fresh in the box, courtesy of Andrea Gavalas. I have been told it is hard to get motivated this early on a Friday morning, so for those who need a little encouragement, I have put together this brief instructional guide. Grab a cup Fill it with coffee Walk on down to 31A-216 Grab a donut You now have in your hands the caffeine and sugar you need to kick-start your day Repeat as needed Happy Friday!

Happy Friday

Dear members and constituents, The sun is shining in the sky, the three day forecast calls for beautiful weather and donuts are here. What could be grander? I'll tell you what. Having a donut in one hand and a cup of piping hot coffee in the other, that's what! You know it's in your power to do it. Make time for yourself and come on down to 31A-216 (you know the place). I know you're busy, but I tell you, you won't regret it. You get some time to think as you walk on over and all the energy you get from the sugar and the caffeine will propel you to the next level of productivity. Rich DiGeronimo gets the credit today for stopping by Winchells on his way in. We are delighted to have available for immediate consumption a couple dozen specimens from the aforementioned boutique doughnut shoppe (notice the old world spelling, I personally think it adds a touch of finesse and distinction to this e-mail). Happy Friday!

Happy Friday Morning

Dear members and constituents, As I drove in this morning in the pre-sunrise dim I could see a layer of frost covering the mountains. This brought a smile to my face because, of course, it reminded me of the frosting that was sure to cover many of the donuts brought in today. The anticipation (and quite frankly the appetite) has been building up since then. To imagine the sweet smell, the sensation of a glazed donut as it melts in the mouth… And I have not been disappointed. On this, her third appearance on the Friday Donut Club rotation, Carolyn Reuss delivered like a pro. Two dozen of LaMar's are here and begging to be devoured. Happy Friday!

Happy Friday

Dear Members and Constituents, Today we are again delighted to see pastries from Ray LaMar's donut shop as the selection du-jour. This is Shaun's debut in the club, so I am sure he would welcome your feedback as to selection and timeliness (nudge, nudge, say no more). So, without further preambles, come and get your donuts! Happy Friday,

The early bird gets the donut

Dear members and constituents, I hate to admit Mr. Bonilla made it in before I did which means I was welcomed to my desk this morning by the sweet smell of Donuts. A couple dozen of Winchell's finest is the fare for today, so come and delight your taste buds with these sinfully delicious pastries. Happy Friday!

Donuts: Need help with consuming an abundant supply!

HELP!!! Dear members and constituents, We have an emergency situation. We appear to have had a logistic faux-pas. I was not here when it happened but it appears Nanette Zeile and what sounded like Jen Artley on voice mail have brought in donuts. We have a TON. I am christening today "bring a friend Friday". Please help us out in any way you can with the demand side of the equation. I also want to give a big hand to Ed Stocker for doing a lot more than holding down the fort while I was out. He has revitalized the club, adding five new members and stirred some controversy around the preferred spelling of Donut. Speaking of which, the results are in, 14 respondents out of 21 surveys were tabulated and... there was a late surge of voting that pushed Donut over the top 8 – 6. At least one of the votes came from a non member, but it was accepted anyway. Our new rotation takes us through the end of 2006 and we will play it by ear but may end up needing a little more than two dozen

Its Friday, you know what that means

[Posted by Ed Stocker, JP is on vacation] Donuts in the house. Thanks Kim for today’s supply. The full schedule will be forthcoming, I believe I have included only those who have opted in for another tour of Doughnut duty. If I have included you and you do not want to participate, please let me know and I will remove you from the rotation, but really, what kind of life is it without donuts? As to the question of Doughnut or Donut, the ballots are still being tabulated. Ed

Good Morning

[Posted by Ed Stocker, JP is on vacation] To the current and future members of the donut club, First I must address the burning question; why is Ed sending this email? JP is out of the country, so I was recruited to mange the doughnut club on an interim basis and am excited to assume this position of responsibility. The rotation has once again completed, today marks the start of a newly chartered club. To that end, the tasty treats are at JP’s Desk, 31A-216 if you have forgotten the location since last Friday. New members are welcome at this time. I am casting the net wide in an attempt to increase our donut constituency. To review for potential new members, doughnut club members will be assigned a single Friday. Donut club membership requires that on your assigned Friday you will provide 2 or 3 dozen "boutique" donuts by 8 am. The 2 -3 dozen standard will be revised as needed in response to total club membership, but has remained consistent for 2 years. Once all activ

The Adventures of Donut Boy

Chapter 1 -- Awakenings Like a ghost in the early morning fog, donut boy made his way to that office he knew so well. He could recite the number off the top of his head: 31A-216. That was the location where, like so many times before, he was to deliver the precious cargo. Two dozen of Ray LaMar's finest. As predicted, no one was there when he made his delivery. Jeff knew from the early hours he was accustomed to working that there rarely was anyone in the building at 7:00 am, yet the fact that it was donut Friday sometimes motivated folks like JP, the usual resident at that office, to arrive earlier than their usual 7:15 on the off chance the pastries would be there early… or just to drink coffee and await the arrival of the donuts. Not today. It took 3 seconds for Mr. Allen to deliver his precious cargo and vanish into the bowels of 31A. Mission accomplished he thought to himself as he went on to do his day job. To be continued… While I have your attention (or assuming I have not

Donuts are here

Dear members and constituents, Happy second anniversary!! Believe it or not, this is the 104th week there have been donuts at my office at the end of the week. And as fate would have it, I am donut boy today. Coincidence? You be the judge. Two years of donuts. No bagels, no cupcakes, no cookies, croissants or crepes. Sweet donuts. Obviously, this would not have been possible were it not for each and every one of you. So while you're giving yourself a big hand, help your hands to a sugary treat (or two, or three… this is a holiday Friday, so there will be no supply-side shortages). Happy Friday! Happy Friday, indeed!!!

No Post

[Due to a delayed flight arriving in Denver at 3:30 AM followed by ear surgery no donut e-mail went out -- Despite the fact Marty Williams did an excellent job in bringing donuts in]

Friday donuts -- there's always room for more

Dear members and constituents, Yet another Friday is here, and although I had planned to work from home, I can't stay away from the sweet smell that draws me in. Today is an especially good day for those of you who love Glazed donuts, as there is an entire dozen of plain glazed Ray's classics. And you know those melt in your mouth so fast, you have to have two…. and why not? Happy Friday!

Happy Friday

Dear members and constituents, Due to an unexpected run on donuts, lines at LaMar's were long, which explains the slight delay in getting here. Be that as it may, we now have a generous supply of assorted pastries. Please stop on by and thank Carolyn for standing in a long line just so you could have a donut of your choice. Happy Friday!

Donuts are here

Happy Friday to all!It seems Time Wise has become the venue of choice for Friday donuts. For some reason, it seems the bed is a little softer, those sheets a little more comfy and the office a little more distant. In any event, thanks go to Yvonne for hiring our good friends and getting the donuts here just under the gun. Come and get them!

They're heEere!

Dear members and constituents, As the sun rises from the east, so too, there are donuts on Fridays. It is good to have certainties in life. I had started to challenge this belief set when 8:01 arrived and donuts were not here, but I only had to wait a couple of minutes for my world-view to be reaffirmed. Jen Artley hired TimeWise to bring donuts in and she took the extra precaution of telling them how many of each type of donut to bring, so the assortment should be satisfactory to all. Life is good. Come and enjoy some LaMar's!

The Friday Donut Minute

Dear members and constituents, As I ponder on the hurried pace of our lives, watching people run to the printer and grab something or other they need for a meeting, or perhaps rushing to the cafeteria for their morning fix of this or that, it is good to know there are certain things in life we can enjoy while re-fueling for the daily hustle. Sweet round pastries that melt in your mouth, washed down with a nice hot cup of coffee are among them. Rich D. has brought us a sampling from Winchell's which should satisfy the most demanding palate (and provide you the energy you need to get through the next 120 minutes). So, slow down and mosey on over to re-charge your engine with your Friday donut (or two, or three, whatever it takes). Happy Friday!

Hot donuts are here

Dear members and constituents, Mr. Avillez waited at Winchell's for the new batch of glazed donuts to come out, so if glazed is your thing hurry on down for a melt-in-you-mouth experience! Marcio also asked me to relay that it is better to be donut boy than integration boy. No duh! Donuts are soft, malleable, sweet and provide you with no resistance. Integration activities on the other hand can be tough, you are confronted with inflexibility, can be bitter at times and resistance to change is the norm. So, even if integration is your cup of tea, bring a cup of Joe and enjoy some donuts while they are hot. Happy Friday!

Farewell Mr. Gaillard

Dear members and constituents, As you are all most likely aware, Jeff Gaillard is off to be a big shot in the London office. When I found out the news, I knew what it meant immediately: we had to put him at the top of the first rotation so we could extract a couple dozen donuts out of him one more time! As expected from a short-timer, Jeff has delegated TimeWise to bring the donuts in at this ungodly hour (the European Union is the cradle of the 35 hour work-week and I think England is trying to import that tradition from France). LaMar's it is and they're here, so come enjoy!

Donuts are here

Dear members and constituents,We have a treat today. Carolyn has done a fine job (first timer or not) in selecting a good assortment of LaMar's finest. I have received feedback from several of you on dates you cannot make it and I will be finalizing the schedule today with the next rotation. Meanwhile, the sun is out, the skies are blue, donuts are here and it's Friday. Life is good. Enjoy! I almost forgot the bagel controversy. So far I have a hell no and a hell yes…. No hell mabyes.

Bagel controversy

I have modified the format so you can read it top-to-bottom (I found it annoying to read it bottom-to-top a-la e-mail string) ________________________ [Tucker Maroney] Anyone interested in making it a donut OR bagel morning? Kinda a pick your poison type thing ________________________ [Kim Carroll]Oh no, Tucker must not remember the huge debate awhile back on this topic J Maybe JP can dredge up the old emails! Personally I really like bagels but I don’t want to mess with the President and get him on my bad side. ________________________ [Yvonne Ng] I think the last time someone even tried to suggest something like that to JP, he told him/her to "go start their own damn bagel club"… ________________________ [JP Gonzalez] Tucker, Enclosed for your reference you will find the e-mail that got this whole donut club started 19 and a half months ago (our carta magna, if you will) "Here is an idea… Let's have a Friday Donut Club for 31A. You may be asking yourself "What

Reminder: Tell me when you cannot bring donuts

Dear members and constituents, Tomorrow is the last day of our current donut rotation. I have not seen any responses to my e-mail last Friday regarding weeks you might not be able to bring donuts in. If you have any Fridays between April fool's day and July 21st, in which you already know you will not be able to bring donuts in, please let me know so I can make sure not to assign you that Friday (or those Fridays). Don't forget to welcome Carolyn Reuss to our little donut club… she will be bringing donuts in tomorrow.

Donuts are here

Dear members and constituents, The intoxicating smell of sweet donuts fills my office and reminds me that it's Friday. Kudos for today's donuts go to Jenn Artley (a guest star in our donut club). We also have a "late joiner" this rotation. Everyone please join me in extending a warm Friday Donut Club welcome to Carolyn Reuss who will be bringing donuts in next Friday, and putting a golden finishing touch to the end of this rotation. We will be starting next quarter with a new rotation, which I would like to publish next Friday. If you have any Fridays between April fool's day and July 21st, in which you already know you will not be able to bring donuts in, please let me know so I can make sure not to assign you that Friday (or those Fridays). Happy Friday!

Happy St. Patrick's day (the halo shaped pastries are here)

Dear members and constituents, I thought for sure LaMar's would have mixed some green dye into some of the donut dough today. Not the case. An no, there were no corned beef donuts! All I could get were four lousy green sprinkled donuts to honor St. Patrick's day. . Furthermore, they were out of glazed donuts. Bah Humbug. Our regularly scheduled Donut Boy (on the cc line) was Wiltold that due to the Wiltel acquisition he Wilneed to find another job. Fortunately, there were enough holes punched in our collective LaMar's cards to provide a couple dozen free donuts. So, I guess you get what you pay for. Come and enjoy!

Donuts are here

So, I'm watching the news this morning and they're talking about the St. Patrick's day parade this weekend. I thus erroneously conclude TODAY must be St. Patrick's day. Of course I put on my green T-Shirt and green sweater… I was so looking forward to green donuts and green coffee. I get in the office only to find out it's NEXT Friday (why are they holding the parade so early… and what does Mardi Gras have to do with Irish heritage???). Anyway. Mr. Gaillard has kindly contracted TimeWise to go to LaMar's. There is only one donut with green sprinkles, and it'll probably be gone by the time I hit send on this e-mail (I will have consumed it :-). As a heads-up next week will be "free donut" Friday. I believe I have collected enough punch holes on my LaMar's card to get a couple dozen and fill-in for Mr. Dewey who regrettably will no longer grace the club with his radiant presence (due to unforeseen Wiltel merger side-effects). If you have any card

How sweet it is!

Dear members and constituents, There is nothing like the smell of fresh donuts on a Friday morning. I can feel the sugar rush, and I have yet to take a single bite of the delicious pastries. Those round, plump, soft, tender, mouth-watering delicacies have arrived, so I suggest you bring your coffee mug and satisfy the craving. Happy Friday everyone! P.S. A special thanks goes to Stacy Jackson who commissioned Time Wise to bring in the donuts today. She not only is not a morning person she is no longer on this floor, yet she still actively participates.

Donuts are here

Dear member and constituents, Of course, the day I have to bring donuts in, I am running a half-hour late. My sincere apologies for making you wait. On the bright side, we have a couple dozen well-assorted Winchell's donuts. Enjoy!

Donuts: come and get 'em

Happy Friday!If the snow has not prevented you from getting into the office, then I can think of nothing that should or could prevent you from getting some donuts. Mr. Schoder has braved the elements to get LaMar's donuts in for the crew. Come and get 'em!

They're heeEEeere!

Happy Friday to all!As certain as the sun rising from the east, donuts on Fridays are another one of those things that bring joy to our lives… Mr. Stocker has gone to Krispy Kreme (KK). I have been assured these are Krispy Kreme-bought KKs-- not grocery store or Target-bought KKs… Because KKs are known to be smaller, Ed has procured three dozen… which more than compensates for the smaller size, so I'm going to need all the help I can get from the club members eating these (I can't pick-up all the slack!) See you soon!