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Donut Friday... Early

Dear club members and constituents, Given the fact that Monday is a holiday and that Richard Shimizu (aka "donut boy" for Friday) is traveling that day, we have donuts today… I know it sounds a little crazy to eat donuts on a Wednesday, but I'll try anything once ;-) Donuts are at Richard's desk (Interlocken - 31A-216). Happy Donut… Wednesday!

Donut Friday Reminder

All, Happy donut Friday! I've been in meetings so did not get a chance to remind you, but thanks to Mr. Wilson, we had 28 of Winchell's finest at my desk this morning (I say had because inventory is down to 13 -- over 50% consumption without a reminder, not bad!) In any event, please feel free to swing by my desk and grab a donut or two.

Friday Donut Club member welcome -we have a Baker's Dozen!

Dear founding members!  It is a great honor and pleasure to inform you the charter membership for 31A's Friday Donut Club is set (with an honorary 32C member). Fittingly enough, we have 13 members (a baker's dozen) on the initial roster. This means each of us will only have to bring in a couple of dozen donuts once per quarter. We may be able to stretch this out a week further if folks want to buy donuts at LaMar's (I have a LaMar's donut lover's dozen card we could all use to get a free dozen with every 11 purchased).   I have made arbitrary decisions regarding a couple of topics: Number of donuts to be brought in. Two dozen should be enough (if we start seeing shortages, we will adjust this number upwards). This should account for someone inevitably being out (I will personally be out 4 consecutive Fridays in July/August) and a couple of donuts (average) per capita (some will have more, some less, I'm sure). Order in which donuts will be brought in. I

Friday Donut Club for 31A

Here is an idea… Let's have a Friday Donut Club for 31A. You may be asking yourself "What is a Friday donut club? ". It is very simple. Every Friday a different member brings a couple dozen donuts (this number may vary depending on how many people actually warm-up to the idea) and shares them with the rest of the group. Membership is voluntary and open to all donut lovers. One thing to keep in mind is that this will be a donut club, not a bagel club or a cup-cake club… plain and simple, if you don't like it… start your own club ;-). If you want to join, stop by my desk sometime today. I have brought in a couple dozen donuts to help give the club some initial momentum. Drop in even if you don't want to join! Please forward this e-mail to anyone you think would be interested in participating. I will create a list of everyone who signs-up and assign a rotation schedule. The larger the list, the less frequently you will have to bring donuts in. If you cannot come in,