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Donuts are here

Dear members and constituents,We have a treat today. Carolyn has done a fine job (first timer or not) in selecting a good assortment of LaMar's finest. I have received feedback from several of you on dates you cannot make it and I will be finalizing the schedule today with the next rotation. Meanwhile, the sun is out, the skies are blue, donuts are here and it's Friday. Life is good. Enjoy! I almost forgot the bagel controversy. So far I have a hell no and a hell yes…. No hell mabyes.

Bagel controversy

I have modified the format so you can read it top-to-bottom (I found it annoying to read it bottom-to-top a-la e-mail string) ________________________ [Tucker Maroney] Anyone interested in making it a donut OR bagel morning? Kinda a pick your poison type thing ________________________ [Kim Carroll]Oh no, Tucker must not remember the huge debate awhile back on this topic J Maybe JP can dredge up the old emails! Personally I really like bagels but I don’t want to mess with the President and get him on my bad side. ________________________ [Yvonne Ng] I think the last time someone even tried to suggest something like that to JP, he told him/her to "go start their own damn bagel club"… ________________________ [JP Gonzalez] Tucker, Enclosed for your reference you will find the e-mail that got this whole donut club started 19 and a half months ago (our carta magna, if you will) "Here is an idea… Let's have a Friday Donut Club for 31A. You may be asking yourself "What

Reminder: Tell me when you cannot bring donuts

Dear members and constituents, Tomorrow is the last day of our current donut rotation. I have not seen any responses to my e-mail last Friday regarding weeks you might not be able to bring donuts in. If you have any Fridays between April fool's day and July 21st, in which you already know you will not be able to bring donuts in, please let me know so I can make sure not to assign you that Friday (or those Fridays). Don't forget to welcome Carolyn Reuss to our little donut club… she will be bringing donuts in tomorrow.

Donuts are here

Dear members and constituents, The intoxicating smell of sweet donuts fills my office and reminds me that it's Friday. Kudos for today's donuts go to Jenn Artley (a guest star in our donut club). We also have a "late joiner" this rotation. Everyone please join me in extending a warm Friday Donut Club welcome to Carolyn Reuss who will be bringing donuts in next Friday, and putting a golden finishing touch to the end of this rotation. We will be starting next quarter with a new rotation, which I would like to publish next Friday. If you have any Fridays between April fool's day and July 21st, in which you already know you will not be able to bring donuts in, please let me know so I can make sure not to assign you that Friday (or those Fridays). Happy Friday!

Happy St. Patrick's day (the halo shaped pastries are here)

Dear members and constituents, I thought for sure LaMar's would have mixed some green dye into some of the donut dough today. Not the case. An no, there were no corned beef donuts! All I could get were four lousy green sprinkled donuts to honor St. Patrick's day. . Furthermore, they were out of glazed donuts. Bah Humbug. Our regularly scheduled Donut Boy (on the cc line) was Wiltold that due to the Wiltel acquisition he Wilneed to find another job. Fortunately, there were enough holes punched in our collective LaMar's cards to provide a couple dozen free donuts. So, I guess you get what you pay for. Come and enjoy!

Donuts are here

So, I'm watching the news this morning and they're talking about the St. Patrick's day parade this weekend. I thus erroneously conclude TODAY must be St. Patrick's day. Of course I put on my green T-Shirt and green sweater… I was so looking forward to green donuts and green coffee. I get in the office only to find out it's NEXT Friday (why are they holding the parade so early… and what does Mardi Gras have to do with Irish heritage???). Anyway. Mr. Gaillard has kindly contracted TimeWise to go to LaMar's. There is only one donut with green sprinkles, and it'll probably be gone by the time I hit send on this e-mail (I will have consumed it :-). As a heads-up next week will be "free donut" Friday. I believe I have collected enough punch holes on my LaMar's card to get a couple dozen and fill-in for Mr. Dewey who regrettably will no longer grace the club with his radiant presence (due to unforeseen Wiltel merger side-effects). If you have any card