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The second round of Donuts is set

Dear Friday Donut Club members and constituents,

After a successful first round, we start a second Donut Fridaypalooza with momentum on our side. By now each of you should have received a "0 duration" meeting invite which will trigger a reminder the Thursday morning before YOUR donut day. The final list is as follows (in case any of you needs to trade spaces due to travel or vacation).

Ed Stocker 10/1/2004
Bart Writer 10/8/2004
Carlton Bonilla 10/15/2004
Janis Kupferer 10/22/2004
Jeff Allen 10/29/2004
Joe Salame 11/5/2004
JP González 11/12/2004
Kim Carroll 11/19/2004
Matt Wilson 12/3/2004
Mike Coar 12/10/2004
Oliver Davis 12/17/2004
Rex Engelking 1/7/2005
Rich DiGeronimo 1/14/2005
Yvonne Tofel 1/21/2005
John Guillaume 1/28/2005
John Schoder 2/4/2005
Stacey Jackon 2/11/2005

You will notice a couple of new names. Ed Stocker is among this "fresh blood" and he has indicated he is scoping the Donut Factory and 128th and US 36… it's only Tuesday and I'm already …

Jersey Shirt Friday

Dear Friday Donut Club members and constituents

Given the success of Donuts on Friday and in a blatant attempt to push the envelope (also given the fact that the dog days of Summer are over), Matt Wilson has proposed (and I second) that Friday all donut club members (and anyone else desiring to do so) wear our favorite Football, Soccer or other team's Jersey.
We hope "Jersey Shirt Friday" will catch-on and think of how much we can save on napkins if the casual attire empowers people to clean the donut crumbs on their own shirts… is that environmentally friendly or what?
Imagine, Friday, donuts (courtesy of Joe Salame) wearing your favorite team jersey… who needs the weekend.
Pass it on!

3 Dozen donut Friday

Ladies and Gentlemen
We have a challenge set forth by Jeff Allen. He has unilaterally decided to raise the bar and bring in 3 dozen assorted donuts… from Krispy Kreme no less! This means that each and every one of us is going to have to make a sacrifice and eat an extra donut if we are to stand a remote chance of finishing these. Also feel free to invite your colleagues, there should be enough for everyone (and who knows, we might get some extra members out of this :-)
Happy Donut Friday!