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Donuts: come and get 'em

Happy Friday!If the snow has not prevented you from getting into the office, then I can think of nothing that should or could prevent you from getting some donuts. Mr. Schoder has braved the elements to get LaMar's donuts in for the crew. Come and get 'em!

They're heeEEeere!

Happy Friday to all!As certain as the sun rising from the east, donuts on Fridays are another one of those things that bring joy to our lives… Mr. Stocker has gone to Krispy Kreme (KK). I have been assured these are Krispy Kreme-bought KKs-- not grocery store or Target-bought KKs… Because KKs are known to be smaller, Ed has procured three dozen… which more than compensates for the smaller size, so I'm going to need all the help I can get from the club members eating these (I can't pick-up all the slack!) See you soon!