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Happy Friday

Dear members and constituents, It's that bitter sweet time of the week again. On one hand you are saddened by the fact that you will be away from the office for two full days due to the weekend -- although a surprising number of you manage to sneak-in a lot of work over the weekend (bitter) and on the other you are looking forward to those yummy donuts (sweet). Well, the sweet part is here courtesy of Msrs. Marty Williams and Ray LaMar. Grab a cup of Joe and come on over to enjoy the reason Friday's are so special! Happy Friday!

Donuts are here

Dear Club Members and Constituents, Even though I am at an offsite all day to day, it was my turn to bring donuts in, so they are at my desk (even though I will not be). That is also the case for six other club members, so you will notice there are only 15 donuts instead of the usual 24… I expect that this should be the right number this week (since so many are out), but the standard continues to be two dozen. Also, we have 2 more weeks of runway, as I had inadvertently omitted Marty from the rotation (he has next week) and Jeff Allen missed the donut club so much he decided to accept a job and be re-hired by Level 3 so he could re-join the donut club. I have only heard from one club member regarding when they cannot bring donuts in (you know who you are). The good news is (a) you have another week or so to tell me which Fridays you will not be able to be here and hence should not be on the rotation (b) you can always trade with someone if you neglect to tell me and end up stuck brinin

The exquisite pastries are here

Dear members and constituents. These rights we hold inalienable: Life, Freedom and the Pursuit of Donuts. Today your ability to actually catch one of those much pursued objects with the hole in the middle comes to you courtesy of Tucker Maroney. Next week, it is my turn again, which means the rotation has ended. Next Friday I will be assigning the new rotation. If there are any Fridays you know you will not be here, please let me know so we can minimize donut duty trading. Meanwhile, don't panic… donuts are here. Happy Friday!