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Donut build that wall

Friends, I can’t get over (or under, for that matter) the fact we’ve made great progress on the Colorado section of the southern border wall . Who knew? If you ask me, I think somebody was onto something. Forget Old Mexico. We need to set our sights on New Mexico. I’m not talking about new age spiritualism, Santa Fe chicken salads or Georgia O’Keefe paintings. No siree Bob! If you think about it, what runs faster: an old car or a new car? What will kills more efficiently: an old gun or a new gun? What’s more dangerous: old ideas or new ideas? You get my drift, New Mexico is the bigger threat! But why stop there? If you look at a map of the United States, there is a pretty darn straight line extending all the way from the Utah-Arizona border to the Virginia-North Carolina border. Granted, there is a little wrinkle between Missouri and Arkansas –nothing a little poetic liberty can’t fix. You’ve got the makings of a grand wall following a straight line from Beaver Dam Wash Nat

Deceptive Donuts

Friends, Have you ever done a double-take at something that didn’t look quite right? Life may seem predictable –right until it doesn’t. Things are not always what they seem. Here are a few examples. A sunrise at sunset . When traveling, if you’re lucky enough to take-off right when the sun is finishing setting, you’ll notice this fascinating phenomenon. As the plane gains elevation the orange orb in the sky appears to reverse course and rise over the horizon. Once airborne, you get to see it set all over again. Sunset. Sunrise. Sunset. Makes you feel like a veritable fiddler on the roof… of the world! Truth in advertising . Have you ever seen those adds that say “the more you spend, the more you save”? The truth is, the more you spend the less you save. In economic terms, spending (consumption) and saving (investment) are competing ways to use your income. I recently saw a particularly deceptive ad in this family. You coul

Weekend Winter Alternatives

Friends, What a weather week we’ve witnessed! Wednesday evening’s 50+ degree temperature swing has me wondering why mother nature chose to leapfrog fall altogether and go straight from summer to winter. Now, since mowing your lawn is not an option, I thought I’d provide some alternative activities you might consider. Watch the NBA pre-season –unless you’re in China, that is; they’re boycotting over a tweet (and, no, it’s not your usual suspects). Grab a blanket and cozy-up to the fireplace with a good book. Maybe try Olga Tokarczuk (2018) and Peter Handke (2019), this week’s outspoken and polarizing Nobel literature prize winners. Binge watch one of the plethora of mediocre new shows . You know you want to! Perfect your mixology. Maybe try that new peach mint mule recipe that’s all the buzz. Who knows, this might be the perfect time to crack open a bottle of Khrotytsa vodka , the best Ukraine has to offer. Have a donut.

Serendipitous Donuts

Friends, Serendipity. The occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way. Like my being at the Denver Convention Center for the Great American Beer Fest last night led me to wonder why there is a big blue bear peering in. It turns-out Lawrence Argent, the artist, was inspired by locals’ curiosity about what goes on in the convention center (never really knowing from the outside what goes on inside). Serendipitously, he saw the picture of a bear peering into a house and liked the playfulness. Serendipitously, his printer rendered his concept in blue instead of the sandstone colors he had planned. Serendipitously, bears are important to the Ute tribe. Serendipitously, blue is a level of spiritual enlightenment for them. And so, it is by a happy chance that I stumbled upon an interesting topic for this morning’s note. I hope you remain open to serendipity in your life. Who knows, maybe you’ll run into a new donut shop or find a new favorite flavor.