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[Posted by Ed Stocker] Dear Members and Constituents, Fall is here. You can feel it this morning, the cool air and light mist. Leaves are starting to turn and rakes will be brought out of garages.  Football, whether you lean toward College or Pro, is taking over stadiums and TVs.  It's a certainty every year that Fall will follow Summer.  Friday donuts have also become a certainty. Even with JP traveling the expectation is set that the Donut club will move forward.  Nino Mecevic has taken it on himself this morning to make sure that happens and has delivered four dozen donuts form LaMar’s this morning, including a nice array of specialties.  So come down to JPs and get one while they last.  Happy Friday, Ed

Forecast – Sunny Chance of Donuts

[Posted by Ed Stocker] Dear Members and Constituents, As I sat wondering what type of deliciousness was going to welcome me in the morning I thought I would take a look at the available data and see if I could forecast what to expect. Using the YTD results of the Donut Club I pieced together a picture of what we typically receive.  I determined that on average we will have 4.27 dozen donuts.  But it is likely that today we will l have exactly 4 dozen, as that happens 65% of the time.  Krispy Kreme’s are likely to have more than four dozen donuts, but, 5280, with an admittedly small statistical sampling, always shows up with 5 dozen. In sequencing we see that Krispy Kreme’s will follow LaMar’s or Krispy Kreme, but, rarely will they be delivered the week after Winchell’s. Donuts are most likely to come from LaMar’s or Krispy Kreme.  Both brands have their followers and the arguments over which are better can be great, but that is a subject for a different email.  66% of the time

The donuts are dry!

Dear Members and Constituents, As I made my way to work this morning, letting my mind wander to the lazy hum of the overboard motor and watching a pod of dolphins swimming in my wake I got to thinking: 300 days of sunshine, my donkey! Someone decided it would be funny if Coloradans had to walk in Seattle’s shoes for a week. With the weather the way it’s been, I suppose a good share of you are probably working from home today. Those of you who decided to brave the elements will be glad to hear, Karin Ratchinski (donut girl) has an impeccable backstroke, which means she managed to keep four dozen Winchell’s donuts dry for you despite making the perilous swim from the parking structure. So, as you keep your thoughts on Lyons, grab a bear claw and make your way to the ark. Most of all, try to stay dry. Happy Friday!

Forty nine circles of dough in the box

Dear Members and Constituents, Last night Peyton Manning became the sixth professional quarterback to throw seven touchdown passes. As we all know, a touchdown pass results in six points –seven with the point-after conversion. With no other Broncos scoring going-on (we threw away a defensive pick six, so it could easily had been seven more), the final score was 49. That’s four dozen plus one points, which leads me to believe it’s fate. You see, Curtis Crawford (donut boy) delivered the exact same number of donuts this morning (one baker’s dozen in the mix?). They’re here and ready for consumption, so, whether you’re a football fan, a donut fan (or both), you should come celebrate. Happy Friday!