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Libra, libra, calibra.... I'm gonna buy me a zebra!

Friends, Money’s value is based on trust. We trust some metal, paper or digital bits can be exchanged for food, goods or services. Without that trust, a currency is worthless. That’s why it makes sense Facebook would launch a new cryptocurrency. After all, we trust Facebook not to try to game the system for their own gain, right? Well… maybe. Granted, Facebook is only one of 28 founding members (which includes the likes of Master Card, Visa, Lyft, Uber and Vodaphone, to name a few). So, why is the media referring to Libra as Facebook’s new cryptocurrency? I suppose there’s plenty of time to figure that out –the currency is not launching until 2020. In the interim, I’m gonna grab me a chocolate glazed donut and ponder whether to invest in this latest coin. As a libra (my zodiac sign), I should have a strong opinion about it. Happy Friday!

The Sweet Language of Donuts

Friends Did you know there is a  language called Kannada ? I don’t know whether it features a disproportionate use of the interjection “eh?” or uses the word “aboot”, but I found-out it is part of the Dravidian family of languages which has no connection to the 437 Indo-European languages (English being one) that are spoken by 46% of the world. In contrast, the 84 Dravidian languages are spoken by 3.6% of the planet’s population. Apparently there are nearly seven thousand languages belonging to 137 families (not counting 13 extinct language families). Many of these language families have a very small number of speakers. Tringua is at the extreme, with one speaker left, which makes me wonder whether that last guy in Colombia who speaks it talks to himself. (or maybe he’s bilingual). In any event language evolves, languages die and new languages replace them. I wonder how many of these languages have a word for donut. I suppose Kannada speakers (Kannadians?) must go to Tim Horton’s t

Cloudy with a Chance of Donuts

Friends, Blue skies are great –we get more than our fair share in Colorado-- but there’s something about clouds that sparks the imagination. Clouds add depth and whimsy to the sky. They can be light and fluffy or dark and foreboding. A lone cloud can remind us of a dragon –or a cow. Bring several together and the sky can have more complexity and nuance than an Art Nouveau scene. Clouds can span the grayscale or blend-in chromatic elements. You can spend hours watching them change as your imagination wanders. No wonder they are a part of so many idioms. If you have a dark cloud hanging over you, remember, every cloud has a silver lining. So, whether you’re Canadian and are on cloud 9 at your first NBA title (and, if Toronto is part of the league, shouldn’t the NBA be the IBA -I for International?) or have a cloud of suspicion hanging over NASA’ $20-30 Billion budget request to put a couple on the moon (what’s the scientific purpose of the mission –procreation in space?), get your

MIsread Donuts

Friends, Ever read something and think it didn’t sound quite right, so you go back to the text? Then, on second inspection, you realize you misread a word and chuckle at the altered meaning. Well, it seems I’ve had a recent streak. Immediately preceding the show Chernobyl , in all caps were the words “HBO MINISTRIES”. Had the home box office become a religious cult? If so, what is their doctrine all about? Fortunately, it was just my brain substituting a T where an E should be (it actually read HBO MINISERIES). Pepto-Bismol has a new product with a misread name that seemed as fitting as it did hilarious. “Pepto diarrhea liquicraps”. Descriptive, graphic and, unfortunately, off by a letter. While the actual form factor is liquicaps, I don’t think I’ll ever again see an ad for this product without cracking a smile. Finally, Voodoo Donuts’ slogan is not “Good things come in pink boxers” (although, who’s to say they don’t?). I sup