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Donuts will be in at 9:00

Folks,   Sorry for the delay. I traded spots with Joe Salame and cannot make it into the office until 9… my sincere apologies, but perhaps just the thought that donuts will be in will hold you over until they are ready. Also, those donuts will taste that much sweeter due to the wait ;-) Thanks, -JP ================= Gentlemen (and lady),   I will be traveling to Ecuador for a month starting on 7/20 and returning 8/20. During this time each of you will be "donut boy/girl" (I'll let you decide which description matches best). Fate has put it in your hands to maintain the Friday donut club as the vibrant institution it has become. There should be a reminder already set on your calendar to go off the day before you need to bring donuts in. If for any reason you cannot make it, please trade with someone else or have someone else bring the donuts in on your behalf (as well as follow the requests below). My schedule shows the following order. 7/23 Rex Engelking

Donuts are here!

Donut lovers all, Yvonne has brought in a couple dozen sweet donuts, and not just glazed… I see sprinkles, colors and even some jelly and cream filled pastries. They are sitting in my office (which means they are at a higher risk of being consumed by me). Come on by and celebrate donut Friday the right way… with a donut in your left hand and the beverage of your choice in the right. Happy Donut Friday!