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The Twelve Donuts of Christmas

Dear members and constituents, For the last Donut Friday of the year, I thought it would be appropriate to celebrate the Holiday Spirit with a Cheerful (and familiar) tune. So put on your elf caps, pull up your snow boots and sing along with me. Ready? On the 12th day of Christmas my true love gave to me a baker's dozen, 11 sprinkled donuts, 10 apple fritters, nine maple bars, eight powder bizmarks, seven chocolate covered, six Boston cream-filled, five donut holes, four sour cream, three cake donuts, two bear claws and hot and gooey Krispy Kreme glazed. If this doesn't make you hungry, I don't know what will. So come on down and make your holiday season bright with a delicious donut of your choosing, courtesy of Sara Baack (donut girl) Happy Friday!

Donut Warmth Counteracts Global Cooling

Dear Members and Constituents, How are you holding-up in the single digit weather? When it gets this cold, I find that the sign in front of the number (+ or -) is not all that meaningful to me. No matter how you spin it, it's cold! Almost makes me whish hibernation were an option. On the bright side, climate engineering –be it at home, our vehicles or places of work—makes it possible for us to spend most of the day comfortably oblivious to the brutal conditions outside. That’s why I’m delighted our planet's leaders are in Copenhagen this very moment discussing climate engineering on a larger scale. By the way, do you think there is a hidden agenda behind the fact this conference happens in the winter? I mean… seriously, it’s like holding a convention to end world hunger at a liposuction clinic or a gathering of vegetarians at Burger King. Whatever our fearless leaders’ motives or timing, they’re there. Better late than never, I say. Speaking of which, John Schoder (donut boy) h

It's Friday, There's Donuts... it's a Party!

Dear Members and Constituents, Who decided parties were the norm for the Holidays? Clearly not the puritanical pilgrims or the tea-totaling temperance movement. When you think about it, being cold in a manger (Christmas), fighting a battle (Hanukah) or starving yourself (Ramadan) are not that festive. It may be the pagans celebrating the Saturnalia, or the Kwanzaa folks who can take the credit (what do they celebrate again?). Perhaps it’s the desire to warm your heart in this cold, cold time of year or the human propensity to enjoy a good party (whatever the pretext may be). In any event, I’m always glad to attend a good Christmas party. I am also glad David Panzer (donut boy) has a made a savory selection of delicious LaMar’s donuts for us today. So, warm your heart with a hot beverage of your choice… and have yourself a merry little donut too! Happy Friday!