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Donuts, donuts, donuts!

Dear members and constituents, Another crazy Colorado spring day is upon us. Snow yesterday, in the sixties this weekend and somewhere in the middle today. As someone said to me yesterday "it's all part of the Colorado charm". As for me, I prefer the charm of a sweet donut melting in my mouth on a Friday morning. The charm half a dozen specialties, eight glazed and a random assortment of other pastries with a hole in the middle hold over me. Call me crazy. Speaking of spring and new beginnings, the new rotation for the Friday Donut Club is ready and I will be sending out calendar reminders for all you donut boys and girls shortly. Meanwhile, come on down to 32C-415 for some LaMar's. Happy Friday!

Donuts are here

Dear members and constituents I was about to write something corny about VON and looking forward all week to returning to Broomfield so I could get some donuts when I saw the selection Mr. Mack Green has set before us. I obviously decided against such ill-advised chatter and decided to focus instead on the amazing plethora of various donuts. The three dozen specimens we see before us are an amazing demonstration of exuberant restraint. A selection that would make a liberal and a conservative agree. Lions and sheep may yet lay together in peace. I will be sending out calendar reminders for the next rotation later today. Cheers! Happy Friday!

It's Friday, there are donuts... What could be sweeter!

Dear members and constituents, Happy Friday. Today marks Tim Kiefer's debut with three dozen Winchell's donuts. Come and get them! Now down to business… the current rotation began in August. We had initially expected to start a new rotation in January, however due to our successful recruiting efforts, the Friday Donut Club has gone from a two dozen donuts a week kind of club to a three dozen donuts a week kind of club. We all knew that unlike a pyramid scheme, we would have to re-invest at some point in time, and so it is that next week marks the end of this rotation. With that in mind, I would ask that you let me know if there are any Fridays between March 30th and October 19th when you do not expect to be in the office. I will try to keep to loosely the same order, however I don't want to assign you to a Friday when you already know you will not be in. Please send me an e-mail (don't reply to all) letting me know of any Fridays you cannot bring donuts in. Cheers!

Happy Friday!

Dear members and constituents, What a glorious day to be alive! The sun is shining, hardly a cloud in the sky, the air is crisp… and you are indoors working. OK, ointment tends to attract flies, such is the nature of life. I know, every silver lining has a cloud, but there is plenty to be thankful for! Take donuts. Today mark's Glenn Russo's debut as "donut boy" and he obviously wanted to impress this fine crowd we call the Friday Donut Club. And if that is not enough to pick you up, I think I know just the thing: an acrostic: F eeling sad and kind of blue? R usso brought the thing for you I think you know what's coming next D onuts, count them, thirty six A ll of you, come get your fix Y es, it's Friday and that's the best! Come and enjoy the 12 specialty and 24 assorted donuts we have at my desk (32C-415) fresh from LaMar's Happy Friday! na na na na na na na na na

[Posted by Ray Wendell -- JP is out of the office] This has been a very stressful assignment for me. First of all, since this is my first time as "Donut Boy", I felt the pressure to just remember to bring donuts. Then, JP asks me yesterday to send out the donut notice, and to send something "poetic". So, to help me remember my assignment, I came up with the best memory jogger I could think of – replacing the opening riff of Black Sabbath’s "Iron Man" (one of my least favorite songs, actually) with " na na na na na na na na na". Of course, now I’ll have that God-awful song stuck in my head until at least noon. The good news, though, is that unless you’ve given them up for Lent, the donuts are available in JP’s office (32C-415). And while this Lenten fact may not be poetic, you might find it interesting. The 40 days of Lent (between Ash Wednesday and Easter) do not include the Sundays. Count for yourself. I may be the last pe