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The End of Innocence

Friends, Where I come from, December 28 th marks the celebration of the Holy innocents. This day, remembering the innocents killed by Herod in his attempt to kill Jesus, is an unlikely amalgamation of Halloween and April Fool’s day. Growing-up, Halloween wasn’t a thing. The day to dress-up and go about town was “el día de los Inocentes”. Today, add a healthy dose of skepticism to what you read in Ecuadorian newspapers or hear from friends. Your innocence and naiveté may well be put to the test. In the spirit of the day, I regret to inform you Dunkin Donuts will be closing its doors forever at the end of the year, so stock-up on your favorite treat before they’re gone. Happy Friday!

Rhyme of the Ancient Donuteer

Friends, It’s that time of year When daylight grows longer And hope makes you stronger The solstice is here It’s officially winter We’re finally there Palpable relief in the air From that dreaded mental splinter Five hours and thirty eight minutes That’s how much daylight will be won By June twenty one That’s more than just peanuts Embrace the new season The snow, ice and sleet Put boots on your feet It’s here for a reason Forgive my poor rhyming I need me a donut and hope you’re also on it That would be great timing Happy Friday!

Spellbound Donuts

Friends, Spelling matters. Whether you’re speaking of Mueller’s special counsel (not council) or the Marine Corps (not Core), misspelling a word can give the wrong impression, and even change what you’re saying. In an era where text communications dominate our lives, it’s more than a tad ironic that the words we text get butchered so much. Ponder this on your next brake as you sip on a smocking hot cup of covfefe –and perhaps nibble on a donut (or is it doughnut?). Happy Friday!

Change for the Better

Friends, It’s tempting to see this life as unending and ourselves as unchanging. We know that’s not the case, but we try not to think about it –and since we don’t feel different from one moment to the next, the tiny changes don’t register. Still, these changes add-up. After sporting a beard for a few months, this week I shaved and noticed my face looked different. Of course, you say, the facial hair was gone! Yes, but also, the reflection in the mirror seemed a little older than I expected. A reminder to make the most of each moment. To focus. To be present. To make it matter. Change is unavoidable and embracing it is a rational choice. Right now is the time to make your legacy. So grab a donut and make it happen. Happy Friday!