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 Friends, My wife and I are getting the Covid-19 vaccine tomorrow. Personally, I’ll be comparing notes with a colleague whose experience involved the Walmart greeter/groundskeeper applying the shot through a bandaid placed in advance of the needle (I’m hoping that’s just an Arkansas thing). While I believe vaccination is the way to get back to a semblance of normal, it is a personal choice. If you watched I Am Legend and fear becoming a zombie, then don’t have a cow. I say this because the word vaccine derives from the Latin vaccinus = cowpox (the virus used to immunize against smallpox), which ultimately comes from vacca = cow. So, if you don’t want one, don’t have a cow ! If, on the other hand you’re on the fence (no cow pun intended), Krispy Kreme’s “ be sweet ” program offers a free glazed doughnut each day for the remainder of 2021 to folks who can produce a stamped vaccine card. That must be what Mary Poppins meant when she said a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down. De

States' Bites

Friends, Why do we have states? I’m not talking about states of mind (thinking, engaged, critical and autopilot) or states of matter (solid, liquid, gas and plasma). I’m not even talking about sovereign nation-states with firm borders, currency, armies and a shared cultural identity. I’m talking about the “S” in “USA” – the vestigial states that make-up this great nation. Having been United for nearly a quarter of a millennia it’s hard to think of states as little more than accidents of history and geography. Granted, when traveling to Alabama one does feel a tad foreign. Still, looking at a map, it’s hard to comprehend how Alaska, at over 550 times the size of Rhode Island, can be in the same category. Sorting by population closes the gap, but still, California has nearly 70 times as many inhabitants as Wyoming. Then there’s Puerto Rico and the other territories. They get one non-voting house representative and zero senators. Talk about taxation without representation! I think it’s

A Dozen Rules to Live By

Friends, When it comes to the big questions, there are far too many platitudes, truisms, cliches and BS. Bookshelves are lined with so much advice, you’d think we would have answered them all by now. So, why do people keep doing it? I couldn’t tell you. Whatever the reason, here’s one more exploration to add to the interminable list. I’ve left God out of this post, so these “rules” should come in handy whether you believe life has meaning, or you think purpose is just our prefrontal cortex’s way of sabotaging our limbic system. And, since donuts come in dozens, it felt fitting that my list just happens to have twelve rules.   Do it! (what are you waiting for?). Life sometimes feels like a dress rehearsal. So much time spent preparing for the future, there’s little time left to actually live life. Habit, routine and inertia have a way of filling the day. Try something new, who knows, you might enjoy it. Don’t overthink it. But, what to do? Give-in to a pas

The Best Donuts!

Friends, When folks ask about my donut blog, I generally start by saying it’s not really about donuts. Well, not today! Today I lean-in, full boar... it's all about the donuts. Not too long ago, a good friend sent me an article on the best doughnuts in every state . Rather than nit-pick the criteria used, variety sampled or judges’ credentials—which smacks of donut snobbery, an oxymoron—I thought I’d love to sample some of these outstanding donuts, filing the information for the moment opportunity came knocking. As luck would have it, an opportunity presented itself this week in the form of my brother-in-law’s move to Connecticut. Three of these best-in-state donut purveyors were (roughly) on the route. False Start . Olsen’s Bake Shop in Omaha, Nomaska was supposed to be the first stop. Alas, it was not to be. We found out the hard way they’re closed on Sundays. Plan B, Donut Stop & Coffee Shop, was boarded-up. It felt like Superbowl XLVIII all over ag