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Jerri's inaugural donut day

Dear Members and Constituents, This is one of those days where it feels good to be in the office. Sitting inside a warm building doing something productive and knowing the opportunity cost to your time is very low today is comforting. It is also comforting to know it is Friday and donuts await you! Today is Jerri Abeyta's first time and she has been looking forward to it all week. She carefully made her list, checked it twice and headed out to LaMar's this morning, full of joyful anticipation. And I think the results of that preparation are apparent. Two dozen of Ray LaMar's finest confections (including a healthy selection of specialties). So, grab a cup of your favorite hot beverage (and I do hope it does not happen to be soup) and come on down! Don't make these sweet pastries wait a minute longer. You know you want them. Happy Friday!

Donuts are here

Dear Members and Constituents, It must be somebody's birthday because all the donuts we have today are cake donuts today. Time Wise has brought in a couple dozen courtesy of Jen Artley. Happy Friday!

Rise and Shine!

Dear members and constituents, Tucker has just arrived bearing 3 boxes of LaMar's donuts. If you are anything like me your first reaction would be to think Tucker upped the ante to three dozen donuts. However, that is not the case. That said, you could consider it an escalation of sorts…you see, Tucker needed three boxes because, in addition to two dozen donuts, he has brought in four Bismarcks (one of which he has already consumed, so three left) as well as several donut holes. In Tucker's own words "I couldn't deny myself some of these". So, come on down and enjoy! Happy Friday!

Happy Friday

Dear members and constituents, They're heeeeeere! Two dozen tasty LaMar's donuts, fresh in the box, courtesy of Andrea Gavalas. I have been told it is hard to get motivated this early on a Friday morning, so for those who need a little encouragement, I have put together this brief instructional guide. Grab a cup Fill it with coffee Walk on down to 31A-216 Grab a donut You now have in your hands the caffeine and sugar you need to kick-start your day Repeat as needed Happy Friday!